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Soyini Coke - Planning Pays: It’s Powerful, Practical, and Profitable (C1918)

March 20, 2021

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAI-AAAAJGExYjAxYzRmLTI0YzctSoyini Coke is the Founder and Principal of Annona Enterprises. Today, she will discuss the benefits of planning, and why it's so important for success. 

Questions Asked: 
1) Strategic Planning is very often viewed by business owners as an exercise for large businesses. How can they make it both relevant and profitable in their operations? 
2) If a CEO doesn't want to do a 50 page business plan or strategic plan, what are your recommendations for how they can get some benefits?
3) What are some of the financial results you've seen business owners get from a great plan?
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