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Stuart Friedman - The Company is Only as Strong as Its Culture

March 19, 2021



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Stuart Friedman, President of PMA Progressive Management Associates, is an expert on improving workplace culture. After effectively helping a Fortune 500 company build a cohesive and strategic business model, he decided to start PMA. He now focuses on helping a number of the 10 million small businesses with 1-99 employees, as this is where he believes improved culture is the most important. Stuart knows firsthand that a company’s culture can make or break their lasting success.


Now more than ever people are concerned about what is in it for themselves. In order to appeal to everyone, we must speak in a way that they will truly hear. Stuart dives deep on his concept, “The Relevance Factor” and discusses how business leaders can use it to establish a more ubiquitously understood culture.  He also shares tips for people who may not own a business, but wish to enjoy their current job more. Stuart outlines some common misconceptions that lead to misunderstandings and lack of top-to-bottom alignment. A company will be most successful when its whole team is in line with the target and communicating effectively, be sure to listen to Stuart’s insight on improving your workplace culture.


1-Min Sections: 

  • 5:47-6:47: People are not mind readers, leaders need to develop a culture rich in communication in order to get strategic success
  • 8:02-9:14: Thoughts on inherent bias of people’s preferences/choices
  • 9:33-10:34: Mistakes commonly made in communication with employees
  • 12:04-12:58: Example based on telephone game
  • 22:50-23:55: Break Free From Job Jail - tips for both employees and employers

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