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Susie - What is Your Exit Strategy People Plan?

April 5, 2022


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Susie Japs, Managing Director at Wejungo and esteemed Provisors member, is in the business of helping business leaders restructure their teams to get better results. She leverages her strategic, authentic, engaging approach and interactive style to challenge business leaders on common beliefs about recruiting, hiring, retention, and performance. We all know that our best assets go home each night and we must pay attention to our employees for the best results. On the people side of things, Susie has great insight into what we may be overlooking when preparing for an exit. 

In her interview, Susie talks about three items companies commonly miss in their exit planning, and why having an exit strategy people plan is so important. She discusses various strategies that she uses at Wejungo to hire more effectively. Susie also details the areas to focus on when exit planning that you may overlook, but a buyer would certainly scrutinize. If the business couldn’t be handed over with ease, you may have a much harder time selling. She also walks through a valuable exercise for taking stock of your workforce and offers some powerful assessment tools. Susie’s expertise on working together more effectively could help your entire team’s performance, don’t miss out on her interview.

1-Minute Sections: 

  • 4:08-5:03: 4 Strategies Wejungo uses to help businesses hire better.
  • 5:55-7:08: Common mistakes companies make in exit planning.
  • 7:13-8:18: Examples of businesses that were doing well but may not be valuable to buyers.
  • 9:34-10:37: Transferability and taking stock of key people.
  • 11:51-13:06: Overview of the Strategic People Plan.