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Terry Hawkins - Why Wait to be Great? (L2417)

March 25, 2022


Terry Hawkins, Founder and CEO of People in Progress Global, has been helping businesses build and use powerful systems, as well as shape workplace cultures, for over 25 years. Terry has been listed as one of the top 60 motivational speakers in the world and is also the author of “Why Wait to be Great? It’s Either Now or Too Late.” Originally finding success in Australia, after moving to the US, she found her old ways weren’t working. This led her to essentially restart from the ground up, and she has since come out the other side with a stronger business and even greater sense of purpose. 

Her passion is making a difference, and in Terry’s interview, she emphasizes the importance of having very clear goals and passions. She dissects the process of mastery and cites routines and well-structured processes as key players in goal achievement. While Terry’s personality helped her business growth in Australia, she found it to be exhausting and not effective in America, which sparked her to reconsider business as a system of processes. Rather than putting people on a pedestal, Terry encourages leaders to put tried and true processes on a pedestal, and let trusted people run the processes. A business may seem highly successful, but Terry’s information may help you break your own perceived glass ceiling and achieve levels you hadn’t previously thought possible.