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Roger Laidig - The Journey to Find Purpose

April 12, 2017


Host: Bill Black Audio Library: www.ExitCoachRadio.com

Roger Laidig discusses life choices, hope, and messages you can take away from life and relationships. 


Roger: I was advised to quit work and I was advised to lay low, but I had to realize, that was not my destination, that was just where I was at at that day. There's a whole lot more life to come, and the choices I would make if I had a clearer vision of where I wanted to go gave me hope, and hope does miracles in terms of, in my case recovering. But the biggest thing I took away from that was, I began thinking, 'what do I want my life to look like 20 years down the road?' I went to a few funerals around that time, and there wasn't anybody talking about cars, or buildings, or houses, they were talking about people and relationships that they had with other people. 

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