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Moty Koppes - The Right Questions Can Change Your Life

February 3, 2020


Listen to this Master Certified Executive Coach as she explains how the questions make all the difference.


Bill: An effective coach can change your game and can change your life. Here's expert Moty Koppes. 

Moty: People, when they come to coaching, they have already thought about what they want or what they have been dealing with. But, what is happening, where coaching is different from any other profession, is not just asking a question and really wanting to have an answer, it's asking such a powerful question that it's going to shift the frame of reference about who they are, their belief system, their knowledge of themselves, and how they perceive themselves. So by shifting their frame of reference, then they have what it takes, and all they have to do is apply that in order to get to where they want to be. 

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