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Tom Miller - How Can You Turn Your Employee Investment into a Growth Driver?

May 4, 2022


Tom is in the business of compensation design for privately owned companies. He'll describe how he helps business owners construct pay-for-performance strategies that turn employees into growth partners. Compensation (such as salaries, bonuses, commissions) is typically the largest expense on a business's financials. How can this investment be turned into a driver growth? This is the question Tom's firm, The VisionLink Advisory Group, is constantly striving to answer.

Today we tackle these questions:
1. What is the biggest mistake most business owners make relating to paying their employees?
2. What's the first thing a business owner should do in order to turn employees, as you say, into growth partners?
3. When you look at company's compensation strategy, is there usually a glaring omission?

For listeners to this show, Tom's firm is offering a complimentary consultation to discuss any compensation issue you're struggling with.