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Tom Gledhill - What Type of Buyer Are You After? (F1718)

September 9, 2021










Quick tips from Tom Gledhill.


Bill: What are some of the major buyer types of businesses out there? It’s important to understand the differences, here’s Tom Glehill.

Tom: Buyer types, that I’ve identified and I use, are: you’ve got your strategic buyers and then you’ve got your sophisticated financial buyers, which are basically pegs and small investment groups. And then you’ve got your lifestyle buyers, which basically are people that are buying a job. The bottom of the heap you’ve got your industrial buyers. Now these are people like you and me perhaps, that run a company and you’re looking for something that you can purchase, an asset you can purchase, and pay at a rock bottom price. And when they come knocking on your door, you have to be very careful. Best thing you can do is get professional help at that point in time, so those are the four buyer’s types that I’ve identified.