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David Roemer - You Can’t Manage Your Time if You Don’t Track It First

March 1, 2020


David Roemer of DDR Group, Inc. shares a 1 minute tip from his interview. Hear the full interview for more great tips!


Bill: It's been said that one of the building blocks of planning is managing your time properly, but how do you do that best? Here's an idea from action coach David Roemer. 

David: To track your time for one week, you really have a much better idea of where you're wasting your time right now. I know I've done it, and I was shocked. I didn't realize I was spending as much time, for example, just doing things like answering emails that really didn't need to get answered right then and there, that could've waited. Doing things like picking up the phone instead of letting it go to voicemail and having to get back to what I was doing after the phone call. Because those distractions kind of throw you off, you waste time. So, tracking your time for a week really gives you a better sense of where you're wasting your time. 

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