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Reb Risty - Update your marketing strategies for a new decade


Reb Risty of www.ReblMarketing.com joins us once again to discuss ideas for refreshing your marketing efforts.

Kresimir Peharda - Preparing to Sell Your Business (B020518)









Kresimir is a securities and mergers and acquisitions attorney. He helps his clients maximize the value of their business at sale.

Questions Answered: 

1. How do you help your clients plan ahead before a sale?

2. When is the right time to begin planning for a sale?

3. What are some of the most common mistakes business owners make in the sales process? 

Contact Info:

Website: www.kpehardalaw.com

Email: kresimir@kpehardalaw.com


Michelle Tillis Lederman - Relationship Networking (G1518)

Michelle is an accomplished Author, speaker, communications trainer, executive coach and CEO of ExecutiveEssentials. Today she will explain what Relationship Networking is and why is matters to your personal and professional results.

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Susie Japs - What is Your Exit Strategy People Plan?


To Read This Episode's Transcript: Click Here

Susie Japs, Managing Director at Wejungo and esteemed Provisors member, is in the business of helping business leaders restructure their teams to get better results. She leverages her strategic, authentic, engaging approach and interactive style to challenge business leaders on common beliefs about recruiting, hiring, retention, and performance. We all know that our best assets go home each night and we must pay attention to our employees for the best results. On the people side of things, Susie has great insight into what we may be overlooking when preparing for an exit. 

In her interview, Susie talks about three items companies commonly miss in their exit planning, and why having an exit strategy people plan is so important. She discusses various strategies that she uses at Wejungo to hire more effectively. Susie also details the areas to focus on when exit planning that you may overlook, but a buyer would certainly scrutinize. If the business couldn’t be handed over with ease, you may have a much harder time selling. She also walks through a valuable exercise for taking stock of your workforce and offers some powerful assessment tools. Susie’s expertise on working together more effectively could help your entire team’s performance, don’t miss out on her interview.

1-Minute Sections: 

  • 4:08-5:03: 4 Strategies Wejungo uses to help businesses hire better.
  • 5:55-7:08: Common mistakes companies make in exit planning.
  • 7:13-8:18: Examples of businesses that were doing well but may not be valuable to buyers.
  • 9:34-10:37: Transferability and taking stock of key people.
  • 11:51-13:06: Overview of the Strategic People Plan.


Marvin Smith - Bring Innovative Thinking to Your Business








Marvin Smith is the Owner/Principle of Deliberate Synergy. Deliberate Synergy is a company that focuses on bringing innovative thinking to people, products and organizations.

Questions Answered: 

1) What makes having innovative thinking a desired leadership competency? 
2) Where can innovative thinking be applied?
3) What makes you a unique resource?

Contact Info: 

Ken Sanginario - Sales Growth Does Not Always Translate to Sale Growth


Sometimes growing sales is counterproductive to growing the sale value of your business. Ken Sanginario explains.


Aaron Weiner - Structure Your Lease To Enhance the Sale Value of Your Business

Aaron's 30+ years of experience in representing tenants in lease transactions shows in this interview. 


Fred Berns - Business by Design (E1018)








Fred Berns is the President of Business by Design, and provides coaching and speaking programs, and marketing and copywriting campaigns designed to help business owners stand way out from their competitors, and master their marketplace.

Contact Info: 


Jamie Leno Zimron - Stress Less / Prosper More: Effortless Power for Unprecedented Success! (A3118)









Jamie shares her incredible life journey with us and shares great lessons she has learned along the way.

Dynamic Peak Performance training, consulting and speaking - with a unique integrative approach blending

psychology, body-mind fitness, professional golf and martial arts expertise, and entrepreneurial energy.

Questions answered:

1) Your work is very 'experiential.' What does that look like, and why do you feel that is such an essential

element in your talks and trainings?

2) Can you tell us more about Somatics, and why both a mind and body approach to mastery is especially

important in our cyber-age?

3) Do people have to be into martial arts to benefit from your work?

Contact info:

Email Address Jamiesensei@thekiaiway.com

Website www.thekiaiway.com


Lynn Fulks - The First Step is Research









Here's a past highlight from one of our Guests. Find their full interview at www.ExitCoachRadio.com

Lynn: I know most newer CEOs think of marketing as “the tactics”, it’s advertising, public relations,  it’s social media, it’s an email marketing campaign, but for marketing strategy there are three pieces: research, foundation, and then tactics and campaigns. And those marketing tactics are what I just talked about, advertising, PR, et cetera. And they should come last after you’ve done the other work. So, taking a firm’s strategic plan for the next three to five years, with an exit strategy defined, and then looking at the business plan for the upcoming year, what goals and objectives do they have outlined for the business in order to achieve their strategic plans, we’re gonna develop a strategic marketing plan to help meet those goals and objectives, and the first step in that is research.


Stephen Lynch - Meetings that Drive Business Execution


Stephen Lynch is the Head of Strategy and Consulting at RESULTS.com.
RESULTS.com provides management dashboard software to help you to engage your employees - and achieve your company goals faster.
Questions Answered: 
1) What are the most common problems that hold companies back when it comes to executing their strategic plans?
2) Many companies do take on too much. How do you help them prioritize?
3) You are a big advocate of having 1 on 1 meetings with employees every week. Tell us more about why these are so important?
4) What should a manager do when you have an employee who is struggling?
Contact Info: 

Website: www.results.com
Email: stephen.lynch@results.com


Z. Christopher Mercer - Building Value? Protect it First









Z. Christopher Mercer, of Mercer Capital, discusses the importance of having a thorough Buy-Sell Agreement in place to protect what you work so hard to build. Of particular note is Chris' Blog, and we recommend you check out www.ChrisMercer.net


Terry Shope - Financial and Operational Preparation Prior To Sale

In this 20 minute interview, Terry Shope, Principal - MPL Consulting,Inc. discusses several ideas and strategies for Business Owners who are starting to think about their future sale. This interview has many tips that you can put into play right away!


David Avrin - How to Build and Position Your Business (F0118)

David Avrin is a consultant and keynote speaker on Marketing and Branding. Today, he is going to talk about how to build and position your business for growth or acquisition. 
Questions discussed:
1. The marketplace has changed in recent years, what does this mean for business owners and professionals?
2. How has social media changed the landscape?
3. What makes a business attractive to customers or potential partners?
Contact info:

Jillian Murphy - Learning About Leadership and Teamwork from Fascinating Adventure Stories


Jillian Murphy is a Speaker for Vistage and The Syncretics Group. The Syncretics Group is a consulting firm specializing in leadership, executive coaching, and teamwork development through the use of drawing comparisons to compelling, true survival stories. The lessons learned at “The Edge” can be applied to business and help put operational challenges into perspective. Keeping the long term goal in mind is critical whether it is for survival or for achieving business goals. 

In her interview, Jillian shares some adventure stories from a few flagship books where people came together, beat the odds, and managed to overcome extremely dire circumstances. The lessons learned by understanding their trials and tribulations can be universally applied, but help make drastic improvements in business situations. Jillian shares some powerful tips that help with achieving long term goals and stresses the importance of tenacious creativity. Jillian’s insight is relevant to everyone and can help dramatically improve your results, don’t miss her fascinating interview.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:08-6:10: Some metaphorical but practical strategies for both leaders and teams.
  • 7:50-8:46: These survival challenges put business challenges into perspective. 
  • 9:30-10:34: Vision and victories - set short term goals that lead you to the long term goal. 
  • 12:02-12:55: Optimism and reality - be positive and confident, while staying grounded in reality. 


Dale Robinette - How to Rev Up Your Business Value


Dale Robinette is a Business Growth Strategist and Scaling Up Expert. 
He helps executive teams maximize revenue with a practical business operating system called RevX Formula. This formula is designed to reduce the time it takes to manage a business while also achieving 2X revenue, 3X profitability and 10X valuation.

Our RevX Formula is achieved through the following services:
- Growth Assessment
- Business Assessment​
- Financial Assessment
- Execution Tools
- Executive Team Professional Development
- Strategic Planning

Michael Koenigs - Tips on Surviving and Thriving from a Serial Entrepreneur


Mike Koenigs is an unemployable serial entrepreneur with a high-school education whose obsession with taking apart gadgets to figure out their inner workings started as soon as he could crawl. He quickly learned he has the attention span of a bag of gnats on amphetamines. His curiosity in tech, psychology, entertainment, storytelling, entrepreneurship, marketing,
and spirit has taken him to Uganda where he witnessed a woman dying of AIDS in a mud hut to the great pyramid in Egypt where he chanted in the king’s sarcophagus with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. He has played the didgeridoo in an IMAX movie, produced a feature film, started and sold five businesses from scratch, survived stage 3A colorectal cancer, and created a video game that shipped with six million boxes of General Mills cereal.

He believes entrepreneurship is an international language of peace, opportunity, freedom, and abundance.

Mike lives in San Diego, California on the beautiful beach of La Jolla Shores with his wife of 20 years, 18-year-old son, who is on his way to CU Boulder, and Lola, their sweet fuzzy kitty.

@MikeKoenigs Everywhere


Rickard Hansson - Draining Brains to Accelerate Growth (H1917)

Rickard Hansson, Incentive Corp. suggests that, rather than holding their wisdom inside, that if key employees shared their ides and methodologies it could spark creative collaboration that could create new and improved ideas for company growth. Our Exit Coach Network features several other Shows on a variety of topics. Go to www.ExitCoachRadio.com and click on "Exit Coach Network" under the "LISTEN" section.


Rickard: I want to drain the brain of the co-workers and get no so dependent on key-persons, because you are, and they know that they are the key things, so that's where we want to attack, in some sense. When you implement this, you have to make sure everyone is on board. Typically in the beginning, you have to get the ambassadors, people who want it, early adopters, as soon as possible, because the key persons, the key employees, are usually the last ones because they want to keep their knowledge because it's a part of their power. Of course, you're part of the company because you know something, and you're obviously a key player, but holding that information isn't a part of that, because if you hold that information, I think you stop evolving, as well. But if you bring the things you have to the table, and put it into our system, you will, as a key person probably progress, educate yourself, and bring more to the table, and the company will also be up to speed in terms with the knowledge and discuss new ideas, and move even faster than their competitors. 

John Boyens - 6 Secrets to Market Dominance (I0717)

ScreenShot2020-05-18at115343AMb86kj.pngGet your notebook ready for our interview with John Boyens, of Boyens Group, Inc. John is a bona fide expert in sales and management consulting and training. After over 20 years in the corporate world running sales and marketing for various Fortune 1000 companies, he and his wife co-founded their company. They specialize in sales productivity, management leadership effectiveness, and business strategy. 

John has repeatedly made the top 100 productivity experts to follow on Twitter and has some truly indispensable knowledge to share. As a leader, it is critical to focus on strategically growing the business, rather than just tactically running the business. In addition to discussing 6 strategies for market dominance, John also emphasizes why business leaders should leverage their strengths and outsource their shortcomings. John’s exuberant knowledge is absolutely essential to anyone hoping to dominate their market.




Randy Noe - Leading Well (G0117)

Randy Noe is an experienced Leadership Coach who has recently authored "Leading Well: The Essence of Wholehearted Inspirational Leaders". He shares tips and thoughts for you to become a better leader

Tess Cox - Coaching: The 5 C’s of Leadership & Life-Long Learning

CoxTess75i4v.pngTess Cox, Principal of Tess Cox and Associates, has a myriad of skills, but ultimately aims to assist others in personal and professional transformational change. She believes that choice, not chance, determines your destiny. Feedback is crucial to self-awareness, and self-awareness allows us to grow more effectively. Coaching is essential to maximizing our potential. 

In her interview, Tess not only shares the 5 C’s of leadership, but also redefines the term leader. She stresses the importance of work-life congruency and aligning both to fit our personalities. Above all, Tess discusses the need to have a well-defined personal philosophy in order to continually make more confident decisions. Tess also shares a few examples of how she has helped her clients experience the outcomes they desire when working with and influencing others. The wisdom shared by Tess could improve your entire life, as well as your business, and should not be passed over.


Pat Soldano - Current Family Business Concerns and Trends


Patricia M. Soldano has spent over 30 years providing family office services. She developed Cymric Family Office Services into a multi-family office in 1996, and sold to GenSpring Family Offices in January 2009, where she was Managing Director of Western Region for GenSpring for 5 years and then a Family Office Consultant to GenSpring until December of 2017. Ms. Soldano is now a Family Business and Family Office Consultant working directly with families herself.

Today, we talked about the recent Family Enterprise USA 2020 Annual Family Business Survey - concerns and trends of Family Businesses.
Read the survey at www.familyenterpriseusa.com

Mary McElhattan - The Benefits of Taking a Big Risk


Mary McElhattan tells us something we need to hear repeatedly as business owners!

ExitCoachRadio.com - Great Advice from Great Advisors! 
Listen to Daily interviews and tell your Business Owner friends!

Charles Antis - Intention on How I Hold The Business


A well-respected and widely known roofing expert, entrepreneur and humanitarian, Charles has become one of the most trusted names in the roofing industry country wide, as well as an inspirational business leader championing social corporate responsibility.  Antis Roofing & Waterproofing celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2019, or as Charles would say, “for over 30 years, we’ve been keeping families safe and dry!” 

Michael Wood - Are you on a solid Exit Path?


Michael Wood of Legacy Planning & Associates describes how you can be assured that you are on a tried and true path to an exit that fits your needs.

Sean Ponist - Questions to Ask an Attorney Before You Engage Them


Sean Ponist, Owner of The Law Offices of Sean Ponist, has been in Criminal Law and now is a Civil Litigation Attorney. He talks about his experiences and what you should know in the event you need an Attorney.


Casey Brown - You Are Probably Under-pricing Your Product (F1817)

Casey Brown is in the business of helping companies substantially increase profits through better pricing and

in this interview she talks about value-based pricing and some other key pricing best practices.

Questions Discussed:

1. Casey, companies in very competitive industries often say they have little to no pricing power and that they

must compete on price. What do you say to those companies?

2. Casey, in an average selling conversation, who is most focused on price: the buyer or the seller?

3. Casey, what do you say to companies setting prices based on a cost-plus model?

Contact info:

Email Address casey@precisionpricingllc.com

Website www.precisionpricingllc.com












Leslie Groene - Focusing on Top Line Growth (D1718)


Leslie Groene is the President of Groene Consulting in Huntington Beach, California. Today, she will discuss how your business can develop top line growth. 

Questions Asked: 
1) How does someone prioritize selling activities?
2) Why is having a goal and creating a plan so important?
3) What characteristics are crucial for today's business develop professional?

Julie Anderson - Your Best Mind


Vistage Speaker Julie Anderson of Your Best Mind helps inspire positive changes in her clients by using a scientific approach. After studying psychoneuroimmunology, she created Your Best Mind as a medium to bring this mind-improving information to people of any background. Her work focuses on the science behind the psychology of why we are the way we are. By understanding our brain’s natural tendencies, we can use better practice when communicating. 

Julie discusses the notion that we all have different brain personalities and how this can contribute to misunderstandings in the workplace. She urges business owners to look within before identifying problems with the group as a whole. A vast majority of employees don’t feel they are a part of their company. Communication tailored to brain personality may help in succession planning as employees will feel more connected and more likely to stick around. This information is something that could make or break your company over the course of years, don’t miss out on Julie’s interview. 



Alex Freytag - Are You Running Your Business, or is Your Business Running You? (F1518)












Alex Freytag is in the business of helping business owners get what they want out of their business. 


Claire Billingsley - Using Improv Comedy Techniques to Improve Your Communications (I2917)

Clair Billingsley is a much-in-demand Speaker for a very simple reason - she helps Leaders develop thought and communication techniques that go beyond the competition.

Contact info:

Email: BillingsleyConsulting@gmail.com
Website: www.BillingsleyConsultingGroup.com



Wayne Breitbarth - The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (G0217)

Wayne Breitbarth is the Founder and CEO of Power Formula, a company that helps businesses and individuals maximize their efforts on LinkedIn. Website: www.powerformula.net


Steve Ciepiela - Will Your Buy-Sell Planning Work? (C0218)


Steve Ciepiela owns a well known Planning Company. 10 years ago he experienced every business owners nightmare - the sudden death of his friend and partner. Listen to his interview with Josh Patrick as he describes the experience, and how he was prepared, and what he learned from the experience.

You can contact Steve at Sciepiela@charlesstephen.com


George Wunderlich - Mission Awareness


George Wunderlich is the Executive Director at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. In addition to being a museum, the site is home of the Letterman Institute which specializes in advanced military medical management training and corporate management and mission awareness training. 

Questions Asked:
1. Your training is based on mission, sub-mission, and submission...what is the difference between sub-mission and submission?
2. What are the similarities between military medical and corporate management training?
Contact Info: 



Dan DeMuth - Secrets of the Golf Whisperer (G1017)










Dan DeMuth is an author, PGA golf professional, and owner of Secrets of the Golf Whisperer. He uses his professional skills and experiences to help show business owners the power of focus and how interactive learning promotes effective change in people.

Kathy Mondotte - The Right Way to Follow Your Passions








Kathy Mondotte talks about her current projects, and the reward of following your passions with fervor and dedication. 



James S Wittmack - 3 Most Important Things a Business Owner Should be Doing They Aren’t Doing Now

James Wittmack is a Master Strategist at IntelliVest Advisors. James helps small to medium size companies prepare for exit by driving profitability through operational efficiency.

Questions Answered: 

1) What's your most interesting funding story?
2) What's your most interesting turn around story?
3) What's your most interesting start up story?

Website: intellivestadvisors.com



Ryan Smith - Think SBA


Ryan Smith, Principal and Founder of ThinkSBA.com, helps individuals and business owners with financing and understanding SBA funding. Before landing on the banking trajectory, Ryan served a stint as a minor league baseball player, and has since worked his way up the financial chain. He now helps people with SBA financing and aid in their learning how to acquire businesses and commercial real estate. In a field full of misconceptions, Ryan offers some much needed clarity. 

In his interview, Ryan goes over the benefits of SBA lending and funding in great depth. He dispels some myths about credit score necessary for lending and clarifies other common fallacies regarding SBA financing. Ryan also discusses a variety of ways to begin an acquisition even if you previously believed it to be impossible. In dealing with a huge milestone such as an acquisition, it is essential to have an expert in your corner, so be sure to listen to Ryan’s interview for his SBA wisdom.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 4:04-5:02: Misconceptions about credit score required for SBA lending
  • 6:51-8:06: Begins to list 10 reasons for SBA 7A loan
  • 10:30-11:31: Advantage of SBA evident through ability to lump real estate into loan
  • 16:44-17:47: Example of a situation where a key employee is taking over business ownership
  • 20:16-21:16: Where to start if a seller is helping a buyer with acquisition 


Carl Gould - HyperGrowth - How to Uncover the Hidden Value and Untapped Potential in Your Business (B2818)

Questions Answered:

1. What is the biggest bottleneck in a business?

2. What toll has the last 5 years (since the global financial crisis) taken on the business owner?

3. What is the 1 thing that a business owner can do RIGHT NOW to begin growing their business?

Contact and Offers:

CarlGould@7StageAdvisors.com for a FREE Business Analysis or Call 1-877-GO-7-STAGES

Carl's Book can be found on www.The7StagesOfSmallBusinessSuccess.com..and see Carl's video interview of each of the 7 Stages


David Sherak - Who Buys Who Out In Your Buy-Sell? (J0817)

Here's a past highlight from one of our Guests. Find their full interview at www.ExitCoachRadio.com -- just click "Audio Library" in the "LISTEN" section and enter their name to hear all of their past interviews!

David Sherak discusses some of the many provisions of a Buy-Sell agreement to consider, especially the impact on your family and Estate Planning and Banking Relationships. 



Stephen Lynch - Strategic Planning for Small Businesses (A1918)

Stephen Lynch is the Chief Operating Officer of RESULTS.com. He is a “Kiwi” (New Zealander) living in San Francisco. He is responsible for researching and developing the strategic planning and business management practices that are incorporated into the RESULTS.com management dashboard software. Stephen is the author of the award-winning book: Business Execution for RESULTS -a practical guide for leaders of small to mid sized firms. His book was judged Winner in the "Management" category of the USA’s 2014 Small Business Book Awards. He has had articles published in The Economist, and has personally consulted with the leadership teams of hundreds of client firms around the world, and writes a weekly email newsletter that has over 40,000 business leader subscribers around the globe. RESULTS.com are a growth firm with offices in the USA and New Zealand. The methodology they teach clients is the exact same methodology they use to run their own business.

Questions discussed:
1. What are some of the biggest challenges or mistakes you see in the area of strategic planning for SMB's?
2. Many companies seem to struggle in terms of figuring out the right things to measure as far as key performance indicators, do you have any insights you can share?
3. We all know the importance of goal setting. What are some of the best practices you have observed in how companies can set and achieve goals more effectively?

Contact info:

Website: www.results.com

John “Murph” Murphy - What To Do Before The Buyer Calls (D1618)



John "Murph" Murphy, founder of JK Murphy Advisors, specializes in helping business owners be prepared for all kinds of circumstances leading up the sale of a business. So what should an owner have prepared to discuss in case a serious buyer calls? Listen in to find out.


Dolores Hirschmann - Master Your Clarity


Dolores is the founder of Masters in Clarity, a full-service digital agency that believes being a Favorite brand is more valuable than just being a Famous one. They craft beautifully useful, connected ecosystems that grow businesses and build enduring relationships between brands and humans.

We discuss how Dolores and her team guide their clients to:

• Communicate their message in an engaging way… they call it the TED way

• Design a growth strategy that is aligned with WHO they are as entrepreneurs, what flows naturally… this is where their coaching skills come in

• Take consistent ACTION towards implementing their strategy and growing their business… this is where their MUM skills come in keeping YOU moving forward  

Andrew Cagnetta - Buying and Selling in Today’s Business Marketplace


Joining us today is Andy Cagnetta, CEO of Transworld Business Advisors, the largest brokerage system in the world. A skilled negotiator and recognized national trainer of negotiation techniques, Andy specializes in mergers and acquisitions, valuations and franchising. He’s the man to talk to when it comes time to buy or sell a business.

Some of the areas we cover in this interview:
What is the current marketplace like for buyers and sellers?
What should business owners be doing now to prepare for their exit?
You like to be involved in your community, tell us more?

Be sure and listen to his podcast "The Deal Board"


Patricia Ryan - House calls are Back!


House calls are back!  Patricia Ryan, RN, MSN, ANP-BC an Adult Nurse Practitioner based in Palm Springs, CA. Business name is Crossroads to Care, Inc., a nursing corporation.  She is an advanced practice nurse that provides medical house calls in your home--just like back in the day. Nurse practitioners can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications. They are RN first and continue schooling at a Masters' level, Board Certification and are eligible to have their own practice and patients. Patricia has been an RN for 10 years in several practice arenas and now a NP for the past 16. Original training in NYC and continued with Bachelors and Masters degree from University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

What type of services do you do on a house call? 
Are these services covered by insurance? 
What other services do you offer?

Vaughn Sigmon - Spend More Time Working On Your Business - Not In Your Business (A1418)

TAB is a Peer Advisory Board that brings small groups of business owners together to discuss their most pressing challenges and in turn offer each other advice on how to overcome those challenges.
Questions Answered: 

1. What are Peer Advisory Boards?
2. How do Peer Advisory Boards help business owners?
3. What are the most common challenges business owners face?
Contact Info: 

Lisa Caprelli - What Color is Your Message? (D1018)


With a 10-year radio career overlapping 20 years in business consulting, marketing, and branding, Lisa Caprelli strategically uses content and message branding to grow companies. Known for inspiring business leaders to be innovative, she has helped businesses grow, including Fortune 500 companies. Her media career has included The Business Experience Show, The Free Money Hour, and other programs on stations like 97.1 FM, KFWB, KNX 1070, KFMB, and KABC, as well as real estate finance and motivational books.

Be sure and pick up a copy of her book "Color Your Message" on Amazon!


Mary Anne Kochut - Power vs. Perception (A1618)

Kochut_Mary_79gar.pngMary Anne Kochut, of Champions For Success, LLC., is an author, motivational speaker, coach, adjunct professor, and management development professional. She specializes in the areas of leadership, communications, executive coaching, change management, and career transition and is also skilled in group dynamics, consultation, and facilitation. After a lengthy stay in the corporate world, she eventually became a “reluctant entrepreneur” and went on her own, rather than continue fitting into someone else's mold. Mary Anne’s passion is inspiring others to be productive and live the life they truly want to, evident in her book “Power vs. Perception: Ten Characteristics of Self-empowerment for Women.”

Mary Anne always encourages the people she coaches to be unstoppable. In her interview, she talks about the limitations we put on ourselves and how they stop us from attaining the success we desire. Mary Anne talks about inherent drives present in everyone, and how understanding these can help reveal your passions. She discusses some of her tried and true methods for reshaping people’s perceptions regarding what they may have previously considered to be impossible. Mary Anne’s inspiring conversation is useful to anyone hoping to shift their perspective and make the impossible possible.


Chris Larsen - More Great Investing Tips!


Joining me again is Chris Larsen, the founder and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income. Chris has been investing in and managing real estate for over 20 years. While still a college student, he bought his first rental property at age 21. From there, Chris expanded into development, private-lending, buying distressed debt as well as commercial offices, and ultimately syndicating multifamily properties. He began syndicating deals in 2016 and has been actively involved in over $225 million of real estate acquisitions. Chris is passionate about helping investors become financially independent.

Chris has some interesting perspectives about investing based on today's trends. Be sure to have a notepad and pen handy!

Meghan Lynch - What Branding Fears are Holding You Back?


Meghan Lynch is the CEO of Six-Point Creative, a brand strategy agency that helps “second-stage” companies break through growth plateaus. As part of her mission to help small businesses challenge the goliaths, Meghan has served as an expert advisor to second-stage clients in a wide range of industries, from fast-casual restaurants to industrial manufacturers. Meghan was named an Enterprising Women of the Year in 2019 and enjoys testing her limits as an endurance runner. 

Some of the issues Meghan discussed today:
The fears holding high-potential companies back from growth • Brand strategy for family businesses • What is a second-stage company? • Common mistakes companies make when they rebrand • How to hire and manage marketing expertise