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Henry Evans - Best Practices for Driving Accountability & Building High Performing Teams (J2717)

Henry Evans is the Managing Partner of Dynamic Results, a Strategy Implementation and Organizational Development firm. According to Harvard University, Dynamic Results' clients implement their strategies at 8 times the rate of most companies.

Questions Discussed:

1) What does it mean when you say your clients implement their strategies at 8x the rate of most companies, according to Harvard?

2) Your Accountability Method, and also, your approach to generating leadership at every level of an organization, have both gotten a lot of press. What, if anything, do the approaches have in common?

3) Your methods have gotten a lot of press (Inc., Forbes, Washington Post, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur) for being counterintuitive. For example, you promote the idea that it's okay to get angry at work. Can you say more about that?

Contact Info: 

Email Address: hevans@dynamicresults.com

Website: www.dynamicresults.com

 Books available on Amazon: "Winning With Accountability, The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations" & "Step Up, Lead In Six Moments That Matter"






Brad Leggett - How Sales Organizations are Changing to Survive Covid

Screen_Shot_2020-06-19_at_102223_AM_bctie.pngBack with us again is CEO and Founder of Leggett Sales and Provisors member, Brad Leggett. Brad has been in sales since age 16, and through his career has worked in nearly every aspect of sales. He now specializes in building leading high performance sales teams by determining their team development issues, then developing and implementing solutions for them. Brad has some new ideas you can implement for increasing sales in the current crisis. 

Brad packs a lot of potent information into his interview, including strategies for increasing sales, things that aren’t so different, and tips to master the digital space. He discusses the importance of internalizing that you can be successful in this time, as perception can sometimes be more powerful than reality.

Brad shares powerful tips for making yourself stand out on digital platforms, as well as ways you can re-structure your day for maximum efficiency. He also talks about ways leaders should approach potential layoffs if they are absolutely necessary - and why they should avoid layoffs. This situation is something no one has seen before, but Brad’s insight may be your key to unlocking unexpected success in this unprecedented time.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:00-6:02: Mindset, attitude, and perception regarding sales is essential to success.
  • 6:38-7:38: Importance of being human and vulnerable with customers.
  • 9:06-10:05: Perception can be as or more powerful than reality. 
  • 10:28-11:30: We need to consider people’s attention spans being shorter in a digital setting.
  • 14:01-15:15: Some aspects of sales that haven’t changed due to Covid. 
  • 18:48-19:54: Think long term when it comes to layoffs - think about how your actions now will affect your business 12 months from now.


Steve Klein - Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes (G1417)

Steve Klein is the CEO of the Professional Development Center. Today, Steve will dive in to the topic of enlarging the comfort zone of human potential. 
Website: PDCchange.com



Hema Dey - Marketing is Like a War Game









Hema Dey, of Iffel International, discusses the mechanics of an effective marketing program.


Bill: We asked marketing strategist Hema Dey for some key ideas and strategies for business owners to think about when developing their marketing plan.

Hema: Marketing is like a war game, so you really need to understand the landscape of the people that you want to sell to, and who your competitors are. We always produce a functional marketing plan. Another thesis, which is three months worth of work, but something that you can actually  go out and say, right, roughy, this is your target market, here are your threats, your competitors, and what you’re up against, and really measure what those gaps are to make sure that the sales model, and I know a lot of people see the word “sales” as a big taboo word, but a business cannot survive without sales and if you apply that right across even the professional service sector…if people can actually put a sales organization within their business, then I think they’ve got it right. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Peter Lehrman - Modernizing Business Acquisition


Peter Lehrman is the CEO and founder of Axial, an online platform used by thousands of business owners and their advisors to raise growth capital, explore acquisitions, and exit their business. Peter started Axial 11 years ago intending to improve how entrepreneurs execute the most important business transactions of their careers. His platform covers all the bases regarding business sales, eliminating gaps Peter noticed through the transaction process, and aims to elevate every aspect of the experience. Axial gives small business owners an opportunity to find professional help in a modernized way. 

In his interview, Peter takes a look at business acquisition through a modern lens. While business owners wouldn’t hesitate to hire a realtor, he notes that many still believe they can handle business acquisitions without professional help. His platform serves as a matchmaker for buyers and sellers, and Peter discusses the importance of assembling the proper audience for garnering the most value. Peter also shares some exit strategies that we don’t usually talk about. Take the time to level up your exit planning and business acquisition strategies with Peter’s indispensable expertise.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 10:19-11:20: Business owners don’t hesitate to hire a realtor, but surprisingly try to go it alone for a business sale - it is not that easy.
  • 12:45-13:44: Describes the worst time to try to sell your business.
  • 15:40-16:52: Improving business valuation by assembling an audience of potential buyers that fit the bill 



Chuck Gallagher - Every Choice Has A Consequence

chuck-gallagher1.jpgChuck Gallagher is President of the Ethics Resource Group. Today, he will discuss our daily choices, and how every choice has a consequence. 

Questions Answered: 

1) How did your choices in life change your life?
2) If you had it to do over again, would you have made the same choices?
3) You are open about your prison experience, what have you learned from that experience?


Contact Info: 



Sean Brawley - Sustainable High Performance and the Inner Game (B2218)


Sean Brawley is a world renowned expert on sustainable high performance and the Inner Game. His clients include Super Bowl Champion Coach Pete Carroll and Senior leaders of GE, ITT, and Union Bank.

Today, Sean speaks to us about the basic premise of the Inner Game, about his work with Pete Carroll, and how his coaching can help CEOs.

Contact Sean for a free 30 Minute consultation to explore how coaching can help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.


Mahyar Ghassemian - Contract Provisions Can Help You Deal with COVID-19


Mahyar is the Founder and President of Ghassemian Law Group, which specializes in Constriction and Business Law. Today we talk about ways that businesses can use various provisions in their contracts to help with their current situations.

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Tom Gledhill - What Type of Buyer Are You After? (F1718)










Quick tips from Tom Gledhill.


Bill: What are some of the major buyer types of businesses out there? It’s important to understand the differences, here’s Tom Glehill.

Tom: Buyer types, that I’ve identified and I use, are: you’ve got your strategic buyers and then you’ve got your sophisticated financial buyers, which are basically pegs and small investment groups. And then you’ve got your lifestyle buyers, which basically are people that are buying a job. The bottom of the heap you’ve got your industrial buyers. Now these are people like you and me perhaps, that run a company and you’re looking for something that you can purchase, an asset you can purchase, and pay at a rock bottom price. And when they come knocking on your door, you have to be very careful. Best thing you can do is get professional help at that point in time, so those are the four buyer’s types that I’ve identified. 


Kip Kolson - The Legacy Family (E1718)


Kip is president of Family Wealth Leadership; a wealth management and multi-family office firm, but unique in that they coach family members and future generations to mitigate the damage wealth can cause in family relationships. With that experience as a foundation, Kip is the author of a new book, The Legacy Family; Father, Son, and "Holy Coach"

Questions Answered: 

1. Why did you write this book and who can benefit from reading it?

2. The title is unique. Is there a story behind the title?

3. As a family's net worth increases, especially if that includes a family owned and operated business, does that create challenges and haven't the families already addressed these issues through the estate planning they have done with their attorneys?

4. Is this a self-help book?

Contact Info: 

Website: www.familywealthleadership.com

Email: kkolson@familywealthleadership.com

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Westbow Press, and www.kipkolson.com. If anyone is interested in meeting with us for a complimentary initial interview, we will give them a copy of the book.


Vince Mastrovito - Bringing your kids into the business?

A certified exit planning advisor, Vincent is the founder and president of Prometis Partners. He began his career in 1989 providing wealth management services to businesses and individuals. After two decades with Lincoln Financial Group, confident in his own experience, Vincent built his own firm, Prometis Partners.  During his years as an independent succession planning advisor, Vincent has discovered his true passion for working closely with business owners on exit planning strategies. He brings his experience and enthusiasm for finding solutions to each new challenge.
Today we discuss the following questions:
Why should you consider this?
What challenges are there?
What makes a successful relationship?

Rodney Hatley - Do I need to go Offshore for Asset Protection?


Rod Hatley of Chhokar Law Group P.C. discusses concepts related to Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation. We add new content daily! Listen on iTunes: iTunes.ExitcoachRadio.com .  


Bill: There's been a lot of talk lately about different types asset protection strategies, especially from business owners who are going from a complicated business asset to liquid. Here's Rod Hatley. 

Rod: Unfortunately, there are people out there who prey on the unsophisticated, and they will talk to you about going offshore, hiding assets, and evading taxes. And, unfortunately, that does happen, but I'm here to tell you, a change in the law some years ago, we can achieve a similar level of protection domestically. We've found that it makes a lot more sense to keep a client domestically, if they'd like to stay. Let me say it this way: asset protection, if it's done legally and ethically, it's not about hiding anything, it's about simply structuring the owner of the asset so that they're safeguarded from risk, nothing more, nothing less. And we can help clients avoid taxes, but we can't help them evade. 


Heath Goldman - What Will Your Legacy Look Like in 25 Years?


Back with us again is Heath Goldman, President and CEO of ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners. Heath serves as a financial Architect for business owners and real estate partners. He is also a Provisors member and group leader for estate and succession planning. Heath knows the value of a good plan, and is an expert and helping others protect and create their legacy.

In his interview, Heath stresses the importance of communication, collaboration, and coordination between advisors. In order to make the best plan, these different people must be aware of each other’s actions to avoid any gaps. Clients often struggle with taking the time to understand what their team is doing on their behalf. You may think you know what is going on with your estate plan until the questions begin, and it is essential that the whole team - including family - is on the same page. We all want to leave a proper legacy, so listen to Heath’s tips for doing just that.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 4:04-5:05: You may think you know what is going on until the questions begin - get on the same page and have these conversations.
  • 8:39-9:44: Ego and legacy, “How will I be remembered?”
  • 13:19-14:18: Importance of communication, collaboration, and coordination between advisors. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Peter Williamson - Is Your Business Aligned With Your Goals? (K1517)


Peter Williamson of Action Coach discusses the first step of coaching -- aligning the business with the owner's goals.

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Kathleen Quinn-Votaw - People Continuity


Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO of TalenTrust, Author of Solve the People Puzzle and professional speaker talks about People Continuity.

Questions we discussed:
In these challenging times how should leaders "put people first"?
What tools do you recommend for leaders to understand the employee health of their organization?
What can organizations do to be prepared for the recovery?

Two special offers:
1. Take our free Talent & Culture quiz to inspect your companies culture health at https://talentrust.com/quiz/
2. Buy Kathleen's book, Solve the People Puzzle  - Click here 

Barry Moniak - Synergistic Culture (K2617)

Barry Moniak is an Organizational Therapist at End In Mind. His topic is Synergistic Culture and he will discuss interdependence. 

Questions Answered: 

1) What does it take to have a synergistic outcome? 

2) What is interdependence?

3) Why do we resist interdependence? 

Contact Info: 

Website: endinmind.com 




Jim Doty - Exit Planning from a CFO’s Perspective (D0318)


Jim Doty of Doty Consulting talks about client situations he has encountered and exit planning readiness from a CFO's Perspective.


Jonathan Goldhill - What Does it Take to Scale a Growing Company? (D1218)


Jonathan Goldhill is the “Head” Coach at The Goldhill Group, a strategic-planning and business coaching company in the Los Angeles metro area. He is a veteran business and management consultant, coach and advisor with almost 30 years experience.

Raised outside New York City, Goldhill moved to California at age 20 to start his journey helping entrepreneurs find their freedom. At 30, he started advising, coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and business owners.

As a student of personal transformation experts such as Werner Ehrhard, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker and Brendon Burchard – AND as a student of entrepreneurship, leadership, and business – Jonathan has focused on helping leaders with humility to build their teams with humble, hungry and smart people.

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Exit Planning Should Always Be On Your Mind (1m) Michael Pfeffer (J2817)

Michael Pfeffer, Valuation Expert and Business Broker for Murphy Business & Financial Services of Southwest Florida, explains why it's always important to be ready to transfer your business. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Ed Eppley - Stop Oscillating and Start Focusing


Ed Eppley, Owner of The Eppley Group, has worked it from all angles, and he shares important information for leaders of all sizes of businesses. He's also got a book out called "Let's Be Clear"


Dianne Collins - Quantum Thinking (D1718)


Dianne Collins, original thinker and popular media personality, is the creator of the QuantumThink® system of thinking, author of the 6-time award-winning bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, and the world’s leading authority in “new world view” thinking. Along with her husband and business partner, Alan K. Collins, Dianne consults executives and entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicos in applying QuantumThinking to what’s important to them – for mastering accomplishment and fulfillment.
Her clients have included leaders in Accenture, AT&T, CNN, Dupont, and McKinsey.
Dianne Collins is a featured blogger on The Huffington Post and was named one of the “Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs for 2014” in the annual Tera Awards.
Dianne created the groundbreaking new system of thinking – the 21 principles of QuantumThink® -- for living the highest and best in everyday practical life -- integrating science, philosophy, and spirituality; drawing on sources that range from cutting edge scientific innovations to the wisdom of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders – making it relevant in popular contemporary culture. She is a master of translating ancient knowledge into modern “quantum” wisdom that provides a transformative platform for the way we conduct our personal, business, and global affairs.


Questions Asked: 


1) From a QuantumThink perspective, what do you see is the single most important focus for a business owner today?
2) I know you often have your clients "shift a predictable outcome" by going beyond the limits of their current thinking. How does that happen?
3) You say the mantra of QuantumThink® is "When you master your mind, you master your life." Why is that important for business owners - to master their mind - and what do you mean by that?

Contact Info: 


Common Growth Obstacles - Richard Munro (J0117)

Richard Munro of Newport Board Group discusses several obstacles to Growth that he sees in Companies he consults with.



Rick Itzkowich - Why an Exit Strategy is Not Necessarily Just for Selling Your Business.


Rick Itzkowich is a San Diego Vistage Chair and CEO of three Mexico-based steel manufacturing firms with 1800 employees. He is an official member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council and a contributing author for Forbes on trending industry topics. All the proceeds of his best-selling Amazon book “The Referral Playbook” go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America with more than $10,000 donated to date. As a Vistage Chair Rick serves as the senior advisor and facilitator of his peer advisory group.


Questions we tackle in this interview:

1.    How soon should a business owner plan their exit strategy?
2.    What are the benefits of planning an exit strategy so early?
3.    What are the dangers of not having an exit strategy?

Email Rick at rick@rickitzkowich.com -- he would be happy to provide a free 30-minute consultation on today’s topic or on the benefits of being part of a peer advisory board.

Don Burzen - Think of Your Business as an Investment (J2417)

In this 1 minute highlight, Don Burzen, Positive Exits Business Consultant, discusses how many business owners do not think of their business as an investment, but they would be better operators if they did.


Brian Kinahan - Run Your Business Like You’re Going to Sell It…Even If You’re Not (E0518)


Brian Kinahan is a business coach who helps CEOs and business owners improve business performance and prepare for an eventual sale or generational transfer. His philosophy: run your business like you're going to sell it, even if you're not. 

Questions Asked: 
1) Are there steps an owner can take in the short term to increase the selling price of a business? 
2) Aside from being ready for the transaction process, how does financial performance affect valuation? 
3) What else can an owner do to have a significant impact on the price a buyer will pay for the business? 
Contact Info: 

Jim Brubaker: Investing after you sell


Jim Brubaker shares tips, ideas and precautions in the area of Financial Planning for after your business sells.




John Ferris - What’s in Your Playbook?


John Ferris, CEO of inVision Edge, a management consultancy focused on helping organizations innovate and grow. John has a mission to help leaders and organizations do great things —
whatever their definition of greatness is. He shares tips and ideas and explains the The Playbook Edge System, a do-it-yourself strategic planning framework designed to help businesses spend one day
creating a plan and the rest of the year achieving their goals.


John Warrilow - How to avoid Business “Seller’s remorse”


Best-selling author ("Built to Sell") John Warrillow is back with new research that 3 or 4 business owners who sell regret their decision just one year after sale. He has developed a new assessment tool to help you beat the odds that is available at PREscore.com

Gary Melling - Bringing Artificial Intelligence to life


Gary Melling of Acquired Insights Inc. discusses the evolution of AI and where we are headed next - and how you can keep up with all of it!



David Finkel - Scale Your Business (H2817)

61U1YsJLCCL__UX250_.jpgHere's a 1 minute highlight from one of our Exit Coach Network Shows. Find the full interview at www.ExitCoachRadio.com -- just click "Exit Coach Network" in the "LISTEN" section and click on the show name to hear the full interview!


David: The only way you can scale past a certain point, is by letting go of that control, and so many business owners we see were scared to let go, to actually let decision making power go to other people. It's almost like we identify so closely with our business, Bill, that we can't imagine letting anyone else really have some of those reins, and until we can let that part go, we really are the limiting factor for our own company. I mean, it can't scale past us if we only have people that leverage us instead of people that actually own parts of the business, not literally in terms of equity, but in terms of emotionally and responsibility-wise, owning pieces of that business and making decisions for them. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Alan Beaulieu - Prepare to Prosper Before the Next Great Depression (J2417)

ITR Economics is in the business of international economic forecasting and consulting.

Alan discusses the great depression coming to the US and what we can do to prosper by knowing this information.

Questions discussed:

Why is the Great Depression coming to the US?

Is it just the US?

When? Also, can anything stop it?

Contact info:

Email Address alan@itreconomics.com

Website www.itreconomics.com 

Read his Book:

Prosperity in the Age of Decline

Print and ebook, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Michael Shea - Escaping the Owners Trap

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZwAAAAJDZiYWQxNDU2LWVjMDQtMichael Shea is the President of AdviCoach, a company focused on helping privately held businesses improve their business performance.

Questions Answered

1) So exactly what is the owners trap?
2) If a listener feels they are in the owners trap how can they get free?
3) A lot of business owners I know really love what they do, what is the downside of spending all of your time and energy in your business?


Contact Info



Steven Snyder - Focused Passion (J1117)

Steven Snyder is a CEO Trainer, helping people reach paradise and attain emotional management. Today, Steven will discuss how his methods can help people become better, faster, smarter and happier. 

Questions Discussed:

1) What is the state of Focused Passion?

2) How do people become better, faster, smarter and happier?

3) What is your lifelong mission?

Contact Info: 

Email Address: steven.snyder@mac.com

Website: www.focusedpassion.com


Michael Caroff - Websites and SEO that ROCK!


Michael Caroff of Caroff Communications explains digital marketing in clear terms and explains why your Pay Per Click campaign is not a Do-It-Yourself project.



John Anderson - Increase the value of your business prior to putting it up for sale


John Anderson of the Glowan Group shares his insights and tips for business owners who are preparing for the future sale of their business.





We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Jim Mosquera - Blockchain is coming - are you ready?


Jim Mosquera of Sentinel Consulting describes how Blockchain is coming and what you can do to prepare.

Vince Mastrovito - Causes and Solutions for Family Business Conflicts


Vince Mastrovito is the Owner of Prometis Partners Inc, a business coaching and exit planning firm. In this interview we discuss common causes for Family Business conflicts and how to address them.

Chris Kramer - Your Exit is Coming - Will You Be Ready? (D0518)


Chris Kramer, Managing Director, Strategic Equity Group discusses the decisions and strategies that go into an exit plan and the critical importance of preparing well in advance to have the best options.

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Harry Barth - Asset Protection Planning Has Never Been More Important


Harry Barth is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner for BarthCalderon, LLP and is the co-author of the book, Planning Today For All Your Tomorrows. He is a nationally recognized speaker on estate, business and asset protection planning to many incredible organizations across the country including: Vistage International, Women Presidents’ Organization, Young Presidents’ Organization, Tiger 21, Quaker Oats, Entrepreneurs Organization, California Society of CPA’s and many more.

Harry has over 40 years of experience counseling business owners and their families, corporations and franchisees nationwide. Harry has distinguished himself by being an asset protection advocate and his workshops have helped thousands of families and businesses protect their assets they have worked so hard to build.

In this interview Harry reveals why the field of Asset Protection is about to become very popular and he outlines some easy steps to get started.


Todd Palmer - Fail Forward Leadership: the 4-step formula to success


CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, Todd helps his clients ditch their comfort zone, dive into their “failures,” and re-frame their mindset to be more authentic, transparent, and vulnerable to affect real change along the path to success.

In this interview Todd gave some great tips on how to initiate necessary changes in your life (or your business) and also helped with knowledge about how to find and keep great talent in these difficult times. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Ken Sanginario - Road Mapping Your Business To It’s Maximum Value (B1118)

12cc8de.jpgKen Sanginario is the Founder of Corporate Value Metrics, LLC and he has developed a cloud-based tool to help business owners increase their business value by 50-100% over the next 3-5 years. Go to his website to find out about the "Value Opportunity Profile".


Jaynie Smith - Differentiating from Your Competition

Smart Advantage is the only marketing and management consultancy focused exclusively on identifying and communicating the most important element of successful competition – your competitive advantage – from your target market’s perspective. Today, we will be discussing the importance of differentiating yourself from your competition.

Questions Asked: 

1. What prompted you to write your book, Creating Competitive Advantage?

2. What does Smart Advantage do and who are your ideal clients?

3. What results do your clients see after an engagement with Smart Advantage? 

Contact Info: 

Website: www.smartadvantage.com and www.jayniesmith.com

Email: jsmith@smartadvantage.com

Bonus Material:  

A set of books, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. "Creating Competitive Advantage" and its companion book, "Relevant Selling". 


Vince Mastrovito - Why you can’t take the “personal” out of business


Vince Mastrovito of Prometis Partners once again shares valuable insights for closely held business owners.

Janna Hoiberg - What Makes Innovation Hard in a Family Business? (A2918)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQDAAAAJGY0ZDE1ZTllLTM2ZTQtJanna Hoiberg is a well-known author, speaker and award winning Executive and Leadership Business Coach with over 30 years experience in managing and operating successful businesses. She has helped businesses with needs varying from increasing profits, improving systems, strengthen teams and executive leadership, and fiscal growth. Janna is in the business of helping people “change the way they think about business!”

Find her book at her website and on Amazon - The Family Business: How to Be in Business with People You love - Without Hating Them.

Questions Discussed:

1) What makes Innovation hard in a family business?
2) How is accountability different in the family business?
3) When should family start the succession planning?

Contact Info: