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Pat Kramer - Press Releases: The Who, What and When

Pat Kramer, Writer - Writer For Hire, shares insights about the ideal times to send out a Press Release for maximum exposure.

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Tish Squillaro - People Alignment and Goal Setting

In order to achieve success in business, a company must participate in people alignment and goal setting. Tish Squillaro of Candor Consulting does just that and more, which she will explain in today's episode. 
Questions Discussed:
Why the name CANDOR?
What is your greatest accomplish with a client?
What is head trash index?
Contact Info: 
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Bill Eckstrom - Sales Growth is About the Sales Leaders, Not the Sales People (I1117)

Bill Eckstrom is the President of EcSell Institute. EcSell Institute is a research based organization that helps sales departments drive more revenue by working only with sales leadership--not sales people.
Questions discussed:
1. If sales departments want to grow sales, why do you say it more about the leader versus the sales person?
2. Why has there not been much emphasis on developing managers/leaders, but yet so many resources are dedicated to the sales person?
3. What should sales leaders be doing differently if they want to grow sales?
Contact info:

Hans Sperling - Use Caution When International Buyers Come Calling

Hans Sperling, Attorney - Sperling Law Corporation discusses some of the precautions he helps his clients think through when International Buyers approach them for purchase of the business.


Hans: I mean, I think, even in domestic transaction when you kind of see the money from working a long time to find a good buyer, people want to strike while the iron's hot. A lot of what we do is say, let's slow down a little bit and make sure we do this right. But, with international, as your saying, it's that much more risky. Yeah, they could be trying to get your intellectual property, that's very common, we protect you from that. And the other thing is, if you're manufacturing or you have some technology that might be sensitive, I mean it's not necessarily obvious, it's not necessarily a missile, it could be there's magnets, lasers, sensors, all kinds of things you might not think of as being military sensitive. There's a whole other area of the law that covers that, so that could be an issue. There's also something called a foreign corrupt practices act, which, when you're dealing internationally, you have to be very careful, because in some cultures, they might not look like bribes, but gifts and so are common, and you have to be really careful to stay on the right side of the law, especially US law. 

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Jennifer Holland - Do Your People Live Your Brand? (I1917)

Bill Black interviews Jennifer Holland of Holland People + Brands, who shares the importance of building a memorable , powerful and substantial brand.




Bill Crawford - Life from the Top of the Mind (B1418)


Settle in for a fascinating conversation with 2019 Vistage Speaker of the year Dr. Bill Crawford. Bill is a licensed psychologist, author of 4 books, and has created over 3,300 presentations for Sprint, Shell, The American Medical Association, and many more esteemed organizations. While we are over-saturated with information, Bill realized early on that we are not necessarily sure of what to do with it. After taking a class on the biological basis of behavior, Bill came up with a tried and true system for taking advantage of the way our brains work in order to think at a higher level.

Reactions are due to the way we process information, and Bill shares why thinking in different parts of the brain causes different responses. By training our brain to think in the neocortex, our decision making process becomes more advanced and clear. Bill sheds light on what can happen when we try to see other people as allies instead of adversaries. While it may seem exhausting to aim for high level thinking all the time, Bill discusses why this process can actually be chemically energizing. Treat yourself to Bill’s exceptionally useful information.


Chad Peterson - Tips from a top business broker about selling your business


Maybe you think you know a lot about how you will sell your business. Chad Peterson of Peterson Acquisitions has sold many many businesses and shares his expertise.





Recent Award:


How to Sell Your Company (Free eBook offer)



Craig Weber - Conversational Capacity (L1817)

Craig Weber is the author of Conversational Capacity: The Secret to Building Successful Teams that Perform When the Pressure is On. He's going to talk to us about the subject of conversational capacity and its importance to management, leadership, and teamwork.
Questions discussed:
1. What do you mean by conversational capacity? 
2. Why is conversational capacity such a difficult thing to create?
3. Given its importance, how do we build it?
Contact info:

George Hicks - Maximize Your Value


George Hicks brings over 30 years business experience to the Merger & Acquisition profession. He is a CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) and a CBB (Certified Business Broker) and has been selected by the International Business Brokerage Assn. and the California Assn. of Business Brokers to lecture his peers on business Mergers and Acquisitions.  
George is qualified in the California Superior Court as an Expert Witness in Mergers and Acquisitions. He has been awarded an Industry Expert designation by the publishers of The Essential Guide to Pricing a Business, published by Business Brokerage Press. George has owned multiple businesses, mastering execution of the sales, marketing and operational disciplines that drive value in the business transaction world. He has received multiple awards for being the top producer in both dollar volume and quantity of deals from one of the largest brokerage offices in the country. His transactional experience has made him a sought after speaker and author for business media, educational institutions, peer associations and industry trade groups. 
George says that transactional experience combined with creativity and execution, result in maximizing value and getting businesses SOLD. 
We do 3 things: 
1) Sell businesses 
2) Provide business valuations 
3) Help buyers find the right business for them.


Scott Bornstein - Memory Power: Your Secret Weapon

BornsteinScott6zzos.pngScott Bornstein is a Chief Memory Training Expert at MemoryPower. Grab a notebook for this one, memory training is a universally useful skill and everyone can benefit from this information. Scott’s expertise is in making memory and recall as easy as possible for business leaders, managers, and sales people. Not only is it important to learn to remember, but to understand how to make yourself more memorable to people. Marketing is essentially memory training to get customers to remember your message.

Scott shares some useful skill sets you can profit from immediately and discusses his methodology that creates consistency and results. The brain is best wired to remember stories, and Scott walks us through a few examples of this practice. Our brains don’t remember as well when they’re racing, we need to slow down and take time to form meaningful connections. Give yourself a mental boost and listen to Scott’s valuable information. Scott shares an invitation link to discounted information for ECR listeners if you’d like to learn more.





Jim Jubelirer - Creating a High Performance Culture (G0717)


Jim Jubelirer is the owner of Jubelirer Results Group. Jim's goal is to Contribute to Others and Add Value. Today we're going to talk about Creating a High Performance Culture.


Christina Haxton - Are You Facing Burnout?

Haxton_Christina_bag4x.pngFounder and CEO of Sustainable Leadership, Inc., Christina Haxton is an expert at helping others transform stress into increased engagement. Christina is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and in her clinical time, her clients tended to be extremely burnt out business executives. She began her business after realizing she wanted to help more than just one person at a time. Christina has guided countless people toward better lives, both at work and home, by sharing this important information. 

Many of the clients Christina was seeing were coming to her after a wake up call from a doctor or loved one. Her new goal is to prevent people from reaching the point of desperation, and instead educating about proactive measures that prevent burnout. Many business leaders have become distant from their colleagues, but connection is essential to managing stress. Christina shares 5 common warning signs of burnout and some changes you can make to help your team and yourself manage stress more effectively. Companies with a more cohesive and connected culture become more valuable, so don’t miss out on Christina’s beneficial information.



The ABC’s of Great PR - Pat Kramer (I1217)

In this 20 minute interview, Pat Kramer, Writer - Writer For Hire, shares tips, ideas and stories about how she has helped numerous clients to effectively increase their business and exposure through well-crafted and well-timed Press Release and Publicity campaigns.     

Jeff Karges - Working In The Family Business and Loving It (H1017)

In this 20 minute interview, Jeff Karges, Partner - Relationship Matters Consulting Group discusses lessons he has learned by being involved in and consulting for Family Businesses, including the challenges and how best to deal with them.



Joan Ridley - You Might Be Ready to Leave, But is Your Business Ready? (H1317)


Joan Ridley discusses the appropriate steps to selling your business, including thinking like a buyer!

Vince Mastrovito - Is your Business Overly Dependent on You? (G1618)


Vince Mastrovito of Prometis Partners once again shares valuable tips and precautions for business owners!

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AmyK Hutchens - What One Question Should Your Entire Organization Be Able To Answer?

Hutchins_Amy_934mi.pngAmyK Hutchens, of AmyK International, specializes in teaching critical thinking for better performance, productivity and profitability. Previously working as an executive around the globe,  she has seen countless people identifying problems, but not devising any solutions to them. This led AmyK to eventually start her own business using her passion of solving problems and igniting brilliance in leadership. She works with companies by constructing custom think tanks that are aimed to help improve business performance all around. 

One of the first things AmyK will often ask her clients is “What would be your ROI if everyone in your company was thinking a bit better tomorrow?” In her interview, she explores this question from various angles and relates it to goal achievement. By breaking down the thought processes behind our behaviors, we can change both our behavior and results. AmyK stresses the importance of clearly defining the target before setting out on the hunt. She offers some tips for better understanding our customers' thought processes, finding the best prospects, and ways to improve the quality of meetings. AmyK’s knowledge is invaluable to any business owner hoping to get the most out of their time and efforts.

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David Taylor Klaus - Put Your Life Before Your Business (K1117)


David Taylor-Klaus, of DTK Coaching, helps entrepreneurs and executives live more fulfilling lives. David started in hospitality, switched to technology, and, despite his accomplishments, eventually realized he wasn’t living the life he truly wanted. In 2008 he started DTK Coaching and hasn’t looked back. As a coach, he aims to hold his clients accountable for both their goals and who they are at their core. 

In his interview, David analyzes the phrase “work-life balance,” and how backward this statement really is. He emphasizes focusing less on revenue-based goals, and instead of taking action on goals oriented towards personal fulfillment - we are not on this planet just to make money. David has much more life-changing information than can fit within a 20-minute interview, and graciously offers a free link to his book “This Is Your Wake-Up Call!” You do not want to miss out on the information David has to share.


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Dyanne Ross-Hanson - Key Employee Incentive Plans - Why You Need Them and Critical Design Elements (I1817)


Dyanne Ross-Hanson, Founder of Exit Planning Strategies, LLC, works with owners of privately held businesses to develop intentional ownership transition plans. She started Exit Planning Strategies, LLC, 10 years ago and has 30+ years of experience in the financial services industry. This work is Dyanne’s passion, and she considers objective expert consulting, independent of predetermined outcome or product, to be absolutely essential in exit planning. The sale of a business can be the single most significant financial event in someone’s life, the business owner needs to be prepared. 

In her interview, Dyanne reasons that exit planning is not a single event, but rather a process. Without a plan, business owners who have put years of effort into their livelihood are leaving the transaction up to chance. She deep dives the notion that the most valuable component of the transaction are the key employees. Additionally, she shares valuable strategies for incentivizing key employees to stay post-transfer. Dyanne also discusses the difference between key employees and employees in key positions, which are not always the same thing. Twenty minutes is barely enough time to scratch the surface of Dyanne’s expertise. 

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(20m) Bill Anton - If You Are To Lead You Must First Comprehend (H1217)

Bill Anton of CEOEffectiveness.com discusses leadership and transformation concepts. 


Lynn Fulks - Spray and Pray is Not an Effective Marketing Campaign (J2817)









In this 20 minute interview, Lynn Fulks, Principal Partner of Upstart Group LLC, discusses the tried and true methods er firm uses to help businesses develop effective marketing and branding campaigns. She explains a 3 stage process that requires thought and research (and investment) before resorting to tactics, and why most campaigns are doomed from the start.












Gary Kunath - Mastering Life Balance: How to Achieve Greatness at Home & Work

Gary Kunath is the CEO of GMK Holdings, a speaker, author, and a writer. Gary travels and speaks to major companies and universities on the subject of Mastering Life Balance. Today, he will discuss how to achieve greatness at both home and at work.

Questions Discussed:

1. How did you build a seminar for the 2nd in command at Cisco Systems, supporting his initiative on bringing humanity back to business?

2. What colleges have you spoken to and what has the reaction been?

3. Why do businesses care about mastering life balance now?

Contact Info: 

Email Address: gkunath@aol.com

Website: www.garykunath.com

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Lee Goldberg - Preparing for Your Business Exit Strategy


Lee Goldberg, Transactional Attorney and owner of the Law Offices of Lee R. Goldberg, is an expert at growing businesses’ value through exit planning strategies. He’s had over 33 year experience and seen millions of dollars left on the table due to lack of plan. Lee’s mission is to help his clients keep more of the money they earn and protect their wealth for generations to come. Lee knows firsthand that you should not wait to plan your exit strategy.

In his interview, Lee shares a valuable collection of information we don’t always hear when talking about exit planning. Specifically, he gives 8 tips for what you should do now to better prepare your exit planning strategy. Lee shares valuable insight on what buyers look for before committing to buying a business. He also shares powerful ways to increase your EBITDA. Proper exit planning is an effective way to drive up your business value, but it takes time and expertise, don’t miss out on Lee’s indispensable wisdom.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:09-4:06: Why having an exit strategy is the best way to add value to your business.
  • 5:30-6:32: Now is the time for exit planning, waiting may mean it’s too late to restructure. 
  • 8:33-9:40: Method to increase EBITDA drastically and drive up business value. 
  • 17:11-18:11: Business structure review is essential to highest valuation. 

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Rod Hatley - Essential Tips for Stress-Free Estate Planning


Back once again is Rod Hatley, of Hatley Law Group, one of the top firms in San Diego. Rod is an estate planning attorney who dealt with a 7-year probate when his father passed away. Now his passion is helping families avoid probates and courtrooms when the inevitable happens. Rod’s approach to estate planning is viewed through the lens of asset protection and he aims to help his clients make informed choices. Rod knows how stressful the transition after death can be and he hopes his clients don’t have to go through what he has. 

In his interview, he discusses estate planning in reference to the current pandemic and what you should be doing now. Estate planning isn’t just about what happens after death, but also planning for the transition process if you or a loved one were hospitalized and no longer able to make decisions or conduct business. Rod describes various necessary documents for a wide range of circumstances, as well as the importance of regularly updating your existing plan. When fear takes over, logic goes out the window, so it is important to be responsible and well-informed. Estate planning will not cause your death to come more quickly, so be proactive in preventing unneeded stress and let Rod’s expertise help you.

1 minute sections: 

  • 6:54-7:46: Talking about the necessity of building a dynamic plan and maintaining it
  • 16:20-17:23: Explaining how he puts his clients first and projecting some upcoming needs regarding estate planning
  • 18:07-19:08: Starts describing his top 3 tips - explains the difference between will and trust
  • 19:55-20:48: Estate planning doesn’t make you die any more quickly, but instead is the responsible choice to leave your family in a better position


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Zach Schaefer - Identify, Select, and Retain Top Talent


Dr. Zach Schaefer, Founder and CEO of Spark the Discussion, is a talent optimization and behavioral science expert. Dr. Z is also an award winning professional speaker and recently retired tenured professor. His mission is to help companies execute their goals with excellence. Dr. Z has important insight to share with business owners regarding team building and finding a suitable successor. 

In his interview, Dr. Z discusses behavioral science and its application in the workplace. Culture can make or break a company, so building the right team should not be taken lightly. Dr. Z explains some behavioral science assessment tools and how they can be used to optimize your teams. He also shares some musings from his fascinating book, “American Creativity.” Your carefully chosen team can help your business grow even after you’ve left the business, don’t miss Dr. Z’s tips for building the best team you can.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:36-6:20: How behavioral science applies to the workplace.
  • 6:50-7:53: The shocking accuracy of behavioral science tools.
  • 9:15-10:19: Characteristics of a good successor. 
  • 11:21-12:34: Tips for smoother transitions within family businesses.

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Adrianna Smith and Lana Hout - Key Factors to Drive Up Business Value

Adrianna_Smith_Lana_Hout_High_Res_wk-WEB_bsmbm.jpgAdrianna Smith and Lana Hout, Provisors members and Brokers at First Choice Business Brokers, specialize in industry-agnostic business sales for transactions under $25M. After meeting at USC, they found themselves continuously applying for the same finance jobs and eventually working at competing firms. They briefly worked at the same firm and ultimately seized the opportunity to start their own branch of First Choice Business Brokers together 6 years ago. Together, Adrianna and Lana help business owners prepare for sales by driving up their business value.

In their interview, we go in-depth about what to expect before and after a sale, as well as how to best prepare. Adrianna and Lana discuss the impact of COVID on buyers and sellers, as well as how to deal with some of the setbacks. They share powerful tips for driving up business value, common mistakes business owners make leading up to a sale, and ways you can become more attractive to buyers. Adrianna and Lana’s information will help you build a much stronger business, whether you plan to sell or not.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:59-7:09: Impacts happening to sellers due to Covid and how they might prove value.
  • 9:12-10:18: Some factors which can drastically affect the value of a business.
  • 11:14-12:06: Flexibility can increase value as business will be more operable despite circumstances - becomes more attractive to buyers. 
  • 13:12-14:15: The necessity of incorporating technology in order to be more attractive to buyers.
  • 16:46-17:41: Reasons why you shouldn’t scale back, and should sell your business at its high point.

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Gary Lillian - Hey, Sellers: “What’s Your Enterprise Value Proposition to Your Replacement”

Questions discussed:

For owners preparing to sell their businesses: what is typically their biggest challenge? 

An Enterprise Value Proposition. That’s kind of a new concept. What does that mean to someone who wants to get the highest possible value for their business in the near future?

“Transition obstacles”?  Can you give me an example?

Contact info:

Email Address glillian@reinventures.com

Website www.reinventures.com

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Craig James - Build Your Business Value with the Help of Your Peers


Craig James shares his tips and insights about how CEOs can benefit from getting involved in Peer groups. Contact Craig at craig.james@vistagechair.com



Chris Bond - Surviving the Founder is A Key to Business Transfer

Chris Bond of Murphy Business Financial Corp. discusses a recent business sale and the common needs of businesses to "survive" the founder to transfer successfully.


Chris: Surviving the exit of the founder or the operators, that's the biggest key, and every client project I work on is heavily weighted toward good will, so the value is often in the name, the brand, the phone number, the web address, and a lot of what the founder or operator has built. So, it's difficult to transfer that. I've got a deal right now, a signed purchase and sale agreement, all ducks in a row, all pieces negotiated, lawyers have done their parts, the one snag is: final piece of financing for the buyer, and getting a bank to be comfortable with how heavily weighted this small publishing company is on the founder's knowledge as opposed to the books, and that's a challenge. We've got multiple banks looking at it, trying to get one of them comfortable with the buyer, who is so savvy and so talented that he's going to be able to grow the business beyond what the founder's built, never mind maintain what he's built. 

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Bailey Smith - Top 10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes (D2318)


Bailey Smith of TLD Law joins us once again to share his wisdom and experience and help you avoid the top 10 Estate Planning mistakes he has seen people make.

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Peter Sieffert - The Importance of Knowing the Enterprise Value of Your Business Before you Exit (J2117)

Peter Sieffert is the Owner of Swiss Avenue Partners San Diego, a company focused on helping business owners grow enterprise value in preparation for sale, acquisition, or transition. Today, Peter will discuss why you should know the enterprise value of your business regardless of when you are thinking of an exit. 
Questions Discussed:
1) Why should owners know the total enterprise value of their business today, regardless of when they plan to exit? 
2) Why should a company increase their total enterprise value today?
3) Who can businesses turn to to initiate the discussion?
Contact Info: 

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Dr. David Leonardi - The Technology of Aging and the Prevention of Age-Related Diseases (D0218)


Dr. David Leonardi of the Leonardi Institute in Lakewood, CO, talks about the current state of medical technology and how it is helping us live longer, healthier lives. Originally working as an emergency physician, he quickly realized that many of his most catastrophic cases could’ve been prevented by early action. Dr. Leonardi eventually shifted his focus to preventative medicine in order to help people avoid major, vitality-lowering health events. At the Leonardi Institute, his patients can invest one day into improving the quality of the rest of their life. 

In his interview, Dr. Leonardi shares critical information regarding longevity, vitality, and maintaining a zest for life. He talks a bit about his hand-tailored process for creating nutrition plans for his patients, and also discusses some lifestyle tips you can use now. He also scientifically breaks down diet and disease causes, helping you make more informed choices about how you eat. Whether you want to be able to run your business for longer, or simply enjoy retirement with a cleaner bill of health, Dr. Leonardi’s expertise concerning wellness should not be missed.

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Hema Dey - Marketing is Like a War Game


Here's a past highlight from one of our Guests. Find their full interview at www.ExitCoachRadio.com -- just click "Audio Library" in the "LISTEN" section and enter their name to hear all of their past interviews!


Hema Dey, of Iffel International, discusses the mechanics of an effective marketing program.


Bill: We asked marketing strategist Hema Dey for some key ideas and strategies for business owners to think about when developing their marketing plan.

Hema: Marketing is like a war game, so you really need to understand the landscape of the people that you want to sell to, and who your competitors are. We always produce a functional marketing plan. Another thesis, which is three months worth of work, but something that you can actually  go out and say, right, roughy, this is your target market, here are your threats, your competitors, and what you’re up against, and really measure what those gaps are to make sure that the sales model, and I know a lot of people see the word “sales” as a big taboo word, but a business cannot survive without sales and if you apply that right across even the professional service sector…if people can actually put a sales organization within their business, then I think they’ve got it right. 

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Kandy Williams - How does Covid-19 Affect Your Business Transactions?


@KandyWilliams, one of the Founding Partners of Forward Counsel LLP, shares what is happening to business sale transactions and how you can prepare and minimize the impact of #COVID-19. Kandy is a member of @Provisors and the firm also handles Partner and Shareholder disputes, and Real Estate transactions as well.



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Chuck Gallagher - Every Choice Has A Consequence

chuck-gallagher1.jpgChuck Gallagher is President of the Ethics Resource Group. Today, he will discuss our daily choices, and how every choice has a consequence. 

Questions Answered: 

1) How did your choices in life change your life?
2) If you had it to do over again, would you have made the same choices?
3) You are open about your prison experience, what have you learned from that experience?


Contact Info: 



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Pam Reyes - How to Build Cohesive High Performance Teams (E1817)











Did you ever wonder how some teams seem to be firing on all cylinders and others are limping along? Learn from Pam Reyes, Business and Leadership Advisor with over 20 years experience leading cross-functional teams, how you can build cohesive high performance teams based on strengths to increase profitability and reduce turnover.

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Andrew Bennett - Transformational Leadership (E0217)

Andrew-Bennett.jpgAndrew Bennett believes a business's ability to thrive flows from its leaders. Leaders create the conditions for people to access their potential. Through consulting, coaching, speaking, training, and writing Andrew helps leaders create workplaces that unlock the power of the human mind and spirit. Today he’ll be talking about Transformational Leadership.

Questions Answered: 
1. What are the most important actions a leader can take to create an inspiring workplace?
2. What gets in the way of creating an inspiring workplace?
3. How can listeners use your information for their own transformation during their exit from what they’ve built?
Contact Info: 

Nat Read - How Your Company Can Prepare for a Natural Disaster (K1017)

port.pngNat Read is the principal at Read Communications, which provides counsel on government relations and crisis management. More information can be found at www.natread.com

Nat discusses what kinds of preparation are common to all major disasters, disasters that most businesses don't consider, and how long a business should be prepared to hold out in case of a disaster. 



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Amanda Scott - Recruiting Trends and Tips


Amanda is the Founder and President of Solution Harbor, Inc. She has been recruiting since 2002 and places management to executive
level employees with her clients in California and nationally.

Amanda is an experienced entrepreneur, having successfully started two companies, including Solution Harbor, Inc., which has been in business since 2010. Amanda has a proven method and makes long lasting placements. She has never had to utilize her replacement guarantee in her 18 year career. Amanda and her firm place management and executive level employees in operations, human resources and finance. Amanda has a BA degree from SDSU in Philosophy.

Amanda is a daily meditator and practices yoga several times a week. Shebelieves strongly in bringing her yogic principles of mindfulness into her business and strives to do what is right for her clients and her candidates.

Recruiting is a deeply personal and important process for any business as well as employee, and Amanda really cares about the human aspects of her profession.

Here are some of the questions we asked her to answer:
1. What are some misconceptions about hiring with all of the unemployment we are hearing about?
2. How can employers overcome candidates' fear in the hiring process regarding the pandemic and general uncertainty?
3. What are some new trends with remote workers?

Tom Schwab - What is Your Differentiation Strategy?


In this noisy digital world, you can’t break through the noise, you just add to it. Instead, you need to get in on the conversation where your ideal customers are already listening. As a Navy veteran who ran nuclear power plants, and an inbound marketing engineer, Tom Schwab has a refreshingly unique approach. He focuses on time-proven strategy, then supercharges it with today’s technology and podcast interview marketing. An author, speaker, and teacher, Tom helps you get more traffic, leads, and raving customer fans by being interviewed on targeted podcasts.

The author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy, Tom is also Founder/CEO of Interview Valet, the category king of Podcast Interview Marketing.

Here are some of the questions we discussed the answers to:

What is the biggest challenge for any business?
How can you find and get booked on the podcasts that matter to your business?
How can you be an ideal guest & predictably turn listeners into leads?

Tom and his team have created a special page with some resources for you here: https://www.interviewvalet.com/exitcoach 

Kim Daly - Which Franchise Opportunity Is Right For You?


Kim is a Franchise Expert, a Business Coach, and a Motivational Speaker.

She Inspires people to achieve their dreams of small business ownership through the perfect franchise opportunity.

We discussed answers to the following questions:

Why is franchising is a good investment even in an uncertain economy? 
What is the real value proposition of a franchise?
How does one figure out what is the best investment for their goals, finances and dreams?

Kim's  service is FREE!!! Check out her web site to learn more: www.thedalycoach.com

Chris Ruisi - How to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps (E0517)

7rnLdLkh.jpegChris Ruisi, founder and CEO of The Coach’s Zone, is an experienced business coaching professional with an exceptional record of leadership in both large and small businesses. He mentors and guides executives and business leaders to find their “stretch” point to learn the full measure of their capabilities. He helps them to “master being comfortable feeling uncomfortable.” His book “Step Up and Play Big: How to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps” has received wide recognition as being a practical tool for anyone who desires to achieve more.

Questions Asked: 
1. Can you sum up what those 8 steps are?
2. Why is following the crowd a bad thing?
3. What is self-sabotage and why is it harmful?
4. How do employers punish their best employees? 
5. How do mistakes actually help you?
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Nina Stillman - Estate Planning for Business Owners


Nina Stillman is an estate planning attorney, Provisors member, as well as CEO and Owner of The Stillman Law Group. Nina helps business owners keep the promises they make about taking care of their families using estate planning and business law. Being raised by an entrepreneurial father, Nina got her MBA at the dinner table and has unique insight into the business aspect of estate planning. Many business owners tend to forget that the business is a part of their estate, and leaving this out can cause a nightmare for your family. 

In her interview, Nina discusses why you should take some simple steps now in order to avoid disaster down the line. The emotional toll of losing a family member can be dramatically amplified by not having a plan worked out. Nina shares some insider tips for ensuring your assets are distributed with growth in mind. Without careful consideration, you may inadvertently leave your loved ones with a mountain of taxes or other responsibility they may not be prepared for. Estate planning is an inevitable fact of life, take the time to be informed and use Nina’s expertise to your advantage.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 7:15-8:27: Talks about necessity of estate planning early along with what considerations to make.
  • 13:44-14:47: Emotional toll of losing a family member can be amplified by not knowing what to do with the business. 
  • 15:19-16:35: All assets are not equal - careful planning and distribution is essential.

We've built a special collection of 20 minute interviews from members of Provisors and Vistage speakers. To see the directory and choose an interview visit ExitCoachRadio.com

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Carol Marzouk - How to create a healthy harmonious workplace


Carol Marzouk, CEO of Leadership 'N' Soul discusses why there is low trust and destructive conflict in the workplace, and what to do about it.




Billie Shepard - It’s Time To Sharpen Your Presentation Skills


Billie delivers a coaching experience that transforms how an actor acts and business people communicate.  Clients have said, “It seems she has a mysterious or supernatural power that influences the creativity, confidence and best abilities of a speaker or performer.  What Billie does is magical.”
Billie has been a professional actor for over forty years, appearing in lead roles in Equity productions, featured television appearances and numerous national and regional commercials.  An acting coach for decades, she founded two acting academies and five acting workshops in four states. Billie has produced and hosted guest-artist workshops including such notable instructors as Academy Award winner, Alan Arkin.
Twenty years ago Billie had an idea. She founded Billie Shepard & Associates, leveraging her acting experience and unique training methods into the business arena; transforming corporate speakers into influential leaders. Her clients include Facebook, Uber, Intuit, Rackspace, Lockheed Martin, as well as many financial and medical research companies. This March Billie had another idea! She merged her presentation-training methods with the virtual needs of our times and created a powerful blend of the two; training business people how to enhance their VIRTUAL presentation skills.

Her book: The Billie Shepard Presentation Method, describing her methods, and participant breakthrough stories of success, recently launched on Amazon.

Billie is a Dean’s Scholar with a BA in Creative Arts and Masters in Theatre Arts from San Jose State University.


Questions we tackle in this interview:
1. How did you transition from acting and coaching acting to coaching virtual presentation skills in these big corporate arenas?

2. Who is your typical customer?
I deal with greatest folks. They are all accomplished, smart, hard-working, courageous and yearning to improve.  We have fun and we ALL learn something from each other. When participants learn the techniques of Present-moment Awareness and practice them, their FEAR EVAPORATES. It is then that authentic, creative communication is freed. We discover each one of us is a genius.

3. How did and do you deal with re-inventing yourself?
Face Fear: Techniques that have helped me.

TIP: The best investment you'll ever make is in yourself. Learn how to communicate!

Wayne Mullins - 3 Reasons Your Gorgeous Website May Not Actually Be Doing Anything To Grow Your Business



Wayne knows websites - and how to measure their success.

Questions we discuss:
Why don't most websites help entrepreneurs reach  their goals?
What is the number 1 mistake entrepreneurs make when having a new website built?
What can/should people do today to improve the results they get from their website?

Be sure to have a pen and pad ready to capture the "353 rule"!

Contact at www.uglymugmarketing.com

Channing Hamlet - Common Mistakes Business Owners Make That Impact The Sale of Their Company


Channing Hamlet is a Managing Director of Objective, a leading investment banking and valuation firm. He oversees the robust appraisal practice which conducts more than 200 appraisals per year, and leads execution for investment banking transactions. He will rely on experience and case studies to highlight areas that business owners should consider when selling their business in order to improve the "sale-ability" and valuation.

In this interview I ask Channing the following:
1. What is the most common factor that impacts the "sale-ability" of a company?
2. How do you identify key value drivers of a company?
3. When should a business owner begin planning their exit?

Get in touch at www.objectivecp.com for a Consultation with a Managing Director of Objective to assist with planning and execution of your exit strategy, or development of business valuation.

Ariel Garten - Achieving Success in Business by Understanding What Goes On In Your Mind


Ariel Garten is probably one of the most interesting people you will meet. She is a Neuroscientist, mom, former psychotherapist, former fashion designer, and the co- founder and visionary of an amazing and highly successful tech start-up Muse. Muse tracks your brain during meditation to give you real-time feedback on your meditation, guiding you into the “zone” and solving the problem most of us have when starting a meditation practice. Muse lets you know when you are doing it right. With no formal business background, Ariel personally raised $18M to found Muse from Silicon Valley investors (as well as Ashton Kutcher). Muse is now used by hundreds of thousands of people to start or deepen their mediation practice, including by Mayo clinic. When Ariel is not reading brains (literally) or investing in, inspiring and advising other start-ups and women in biz, you can find her on stages across the world, from TED to MIT teaching audiences about their brain and how to overcome its limitations, consistently giving her audiences the practical tools and insights they need to help them become their best selves. Ariel and Muse have been featured in over 1000 articles, including CNN (3x), Forbes, Fortune, Popular Science, NYT, WSJ, GQ, Men’s Health, O Magazine, Wired, and more. Ariel’s mission in life is to help people understand how their brain and mind work - both the nuts and bolts and neurons, and how that plays out in the messy and beautiful human experience of living. She inspires people to understand that they can accomplish anything they want by understanding what actually goes on in their own mind. Ariel is also the co-host of the Untangle Podcast.

Question we discuss include:
What is meditation, why does it work, and what happens in the brain when we meditate?
How can one overcome what your brain tells you?
What is the neuroscience of anxiety, fear and bias and how can you overcome them?
How can Mindfulness and Meditation be used for leadership development?

Please access www.choosemuse.com/welcome, where you can find more information about Muse, and the information we talk about. The discount code is "choosemuse".

Jim Muehlhausen - Are you ready to Half-Retire?


A strategy is rising in popularity called "Half-Retire". Is it for you? Jim describes the process and who it's best suited for. Visit www.halfretire.com for more!

Lisa Walker - Getting Your Business to Run Without You (E0317)


Lisa Walker is an executive and business coach with ActionCoach.

Questions Answered: 

1) What challenges do you typically work on with a business owner on? 

2) What are the keys to getting my business to run without me?

3) What areas of the business are key for systemization? 

Contact Info: 

Website: www.actioncoach.com/lisawalker

Email: lisawalker@actioncoach.com