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Brandon Miller - Building Your Strengths (B1718)

Brandon Miler's business is Gallup Certified Strengthsfinder Coaching. He focuses on building enduring strengths-based interdependent organizations through developing: strong people, strong partnerships, and strong teams.
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Terry Lammers - What’s your business REALLY worth?


Terry Lammers of Innovative Business Advisors talks about common misconceptions business owners have about their business value - and what to do about it.

Ask Dr. Jerry - How’s your DEA today?


Dr. Jerry Kornfeld returns with an update about recent studies that uphold his messages about the importance of "Daily DEA" - if you have a medical question, email him at kjbkorn@aol.com

KJ Trapp - Train Your Smart Phone (B0818)


KJ Trapp of Train Your SmartPhone shares ideas and tips from his corporate training programs to help you get more from your SmartPhone.


Jamie Leno Zimron - Stress Less / Prosper More: Effortless Power for Unprecedented Success! (A3118)


Jamie shares her incredible life journey with us and shares great lessons she has learned along the way.

Dynamic Peak Performance training, consulting and speaking - with a unique integrative approach blending

psychology, body-mind fitness, professional golf and martial arts expertise, and entrepreneurial energy.

Questions answered:

1) Your work is very 'experiential.' What does that look like, and why do you feel that is such an essential

element in your talks and trainings?

2) Can you tell us more about Somatics, and why both a mind and body approach to mastery is especially

important in our cyber-age?

3) Do people have to be into martial arts to benefit from your work?

Contact info:

Email Address Jamiesensei@thekiaiway.com

Website www.thekiaiway.com


Cynthia Flynn - 2019 Employment Law updates


Cindy Flynn of Hackler Flynn & Associates joins me again with important updates that effect employers with 5 or more employees.

Sherry Nooravi - Beyond the Strategic Plan: (B1018)


Sherry Nooravi is an organizational psychologist who is in the business of helping the CEOs, CFOs, and the leadership teams of leaders of small to mid-sized fast-growth companies create engaging, productive, and innovative cultures. 

These leaders come to her when they realize they need to better educate, empower, and engage their people as they face fast growth, competition, and changes in their own leadership, industry, and technology. Today, she is going to talk to us about the importance of senior team alignment and "walking the talk" - actions that help engage employees toward higher performance. 

Questions Asked:
1. What situation are clients in when they seek your help? 
2. What do the CEOs, CFOs, and senior leaders you work with need to be ready to do when they engage your services?
3. What are the challenges of changing a culture and how can the senior team overcome them?

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Lisa Caprelli - Unlock your knowledge


Lisa Caprelli discusses the path to unlocking your knowledge and creating a legacy by writing a book for business or pleasure.

Vince Mastrovito - So what IS Exit Planning exactly?


Vince Mastrovito of Prometis Partners addresses a question that's on a lot of peoples' minds - what exactly is exit planning, and why should I do it now?

Mike Aguilera - Connect with Anyone in Less Than 90 Seconds (B0718)


Mike Aguilera is the President of Aguilera & Associates, an international training and coaching company specializing in rapport and communication skills to help you get more yeses.

Questions Answered: 


1) Who would benefit from your system of training?

2) What makes your system different from other communication models and training? 

3) Is it easy to learn and apply? 

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Website: http://www.MikeAguilera.com

Email: mike@mikeaguilera.com

Gene Wright - How Successful Business Owners Attract Growth Capital (B2118)

Gene Wright is a Managing Partner at Northstar Consulting. Their firm helps small and midsize business owners change to become more successful. They work with high growth businesses and the ability to scale profitably is often a challenge only exceeded by the need for growth capital. They also help their clients build the foundation for profitable growth and then assist them in finding growth capital sources.
Questions Discussed:
1) What are the major challenges business owners face in attracting growth capital?
2) What attributes do successful business owners possess?
3) What changes should business owners prepare for in the next 5 years?
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Ken Sanginario - Road Mapping Your Business To It’s Maximum Value (B1118)

12cc8de.jpgKen Sanginario is the Founder of Corporate Value Metrics, LLC and he has developed a cloud-based tool to help business owners increase their business value by 50-100% over the next 3-5 years. Go to his website to find out about the "Value Opportunity Profile".


Sean Brawley - Sustainable High Performance and the Inner Game (B2218)


Sean Brawley is a world renowned expert on sustainable high performance and the Inner Game. His clients include Super Bowl Champion Coach Pete Carroll and Senior leaders of GE, ITT, and Union Bank.

Today, Sean speaks to us about the basic premise of the Inner Game, about his work with Pete Carroll, and how his coaching can help CEOs.

Contact Sean for a free 30 Minute consultation to explore how coaching can help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.


Mark Wald - The Supporting Strategies Revolution (B2518)


Mark Wald is in the business of outsourced bookkeeping and is going to talk about how Supporting Strategies is revolutionizing accounting operations for startups and small businesses.


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Informational webinars available: http://www.supportingstrategies.com/webinar


Tim Glowa - Measuring Customer Satisfaction (B1318)


Tim Glowa, co-founder of Bug Insights, discusses his new book "Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Exploring Customer Satisfaction's relationship with Purchase Behavior"


John Homan - Selling for an unreasonable value


John Homan of Shoreline Partners shares tips and ideas for getting well more than a financial buyer would pay for your business by proper planning and positioning well in advance of your sale.

Vince Mastrovito - Preparing Successors for Leadership


Vince Mastrovito of Prometis Partners shares another 20 minutes of wisdom, this time about how to prepare Successors for future Ownership & Leadership

Vince Langley - Building a Culture of Common Sense (B2018)

Using Common Sense is a sure fire way to prepare your company for the future. Vince Langley uses his expertise to ensure that companies are engaged and that both employees and business owners take ownership of their jobs. 
Questions Discussed:
How can a business owner build a culture of independence vs dependence?
How can we build a culture of accountability and ownership?
Contact Info: 
Email Address: alaskavince@gmail.com

Stuart Friedman - Great Business Owners Need to Stop Acting Like Reptiles (B2618)

09a4cfc.jpgStuart Friedman is the Founder and President of PMA, Progressive Management Associates. PMA is focused on increasing communication effectiveness resulting in Creating/Shifting Culture, and getting people aligned to strategies.

Questions Answered: 

1. What is the most often asked question by your clients of you?
2. In your opinion, what should be the number one consideration for hiring people in an organization?
3. What is one team or company activity leaders should consider in order to build trust, increase effective communication, get people aligned to strategies?


Contact Info: 
Website: www.pma-co.com



Ken Tucker - Intentional Conversations (B1818)

Here is a synopsis of Ken's soon to be released book, Intentional Conversations: How to Rethink Everyday Conversation and Transform Your Career. This book is the sequel to the book Your Intentional Difference, which Bill Black and I discussed last month on his show, and is another step required for people to become more intentional in their life and career. Becoming intentional in our conversations is an important activity that we begin practicing early on in our lives and it grows in importance the longer we live.

We all have that  “first” conversation.That specific day and time, that moment, that first instance when, as a child, we put together the thoughts, ideas, or information that launch us into a conversation with another person. It is a monumental event that few people, if any, remember at all. When was your first conversation? What was it about? Who was it with? What was the outcome? Sadly, like me, you probably cannot recall that momentous first conversation. It happened, you know it did, and it does not matter whether the conversation showed your brilliance, levity, innocence, simplicity, or hilarity—it is lost and gone forever.

Conversation sets us apart from all other animals. The use of spoken words to exchange ideas, thoughts, and information is a uniquely human ability. What we say in conversation matters. Through conversation people decide whether they like us or not, whether to follow us or not. Through conversation, we define who we are, who we want to become and what our value is to others. Most importantly, it is through conversation that we get work done. 


Bill Crawford - Life from the Top of the Mind (B1418)

Dr. Bill Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author of four books, organizational consultant, and speaker. Over the last 27 years he has created over 3,300 presentations for such organizations as Sprint, Shell, The American Medical Association, PBS, and many other organizations and professional associations both nationally and internationally. 
Questions Discussed:
1) Can you tell me how this "Life from the Top of the Mind" philosophy of yours is unique?
2) I understand that it is a three part system. Can you speak a bit to what each part is about and what it does?
3) I also see you feel that this system can be applied to any aspect of life. Can you give some examples?
4) How do you work with individuals and organizations using this system?
5) I understand that you are a fan of great quotes. Do you use them in your seminars and your books? 
6) I see that you have actually written 4 books, can you speak a bit about what they are and how our listeners can get them? 
Contact Info: 
Email Address: DrBill@billcphd.com
Website: www.billcphd.com 

Patrick Renvoise - The Science of Human Persuasion


Patrick Renvoise, Co-Founder of SalesBrain and co-author of "The Persuasion Code", shares interesting research and insights as to how we are persuaded to make decisions and why you need to know about it.

Marty Jacknis - Opportunity Blindness (A2518)


Marty Jacknis is President of a marketing, sales, and management consulting and training firm. Marty is a highly rated professional speaker, author, entrepreneur, and trainer who helps individuals and organizations gain and maintain a competitive advantage in their chosen markets and endeavors.

Questions Answered: 

1. What do you mean by, "Opportunity Blindness," Marty?

2. What's different about your approach than traditional approaches? 

3. What recommendations would you have for our listeners? 

Contact Info: 

Website: www.opportunitymaximizers.com

Email: imartyj@aol.com



Aaron Weiner - Structure Your Lease To Enhance the Sale Value of Your Business (B0118)

Aaron's 30+ years of experience in representing tenants in lease transactions shows in this interview. 


Michael Gale - Enhance the Value of Your Business with Digital Technology


Michael Gale, CEO of Shoreline, discusses his fascinating research about the future of AI that led to his co-authoring of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book "The Digital Helix"

John Anderson - Make Your Business Attractive Well Ahead of a Sale


John Anderson of The Glowan Consulting Group shares great tips about being "sale-ready"

Wesley Wood - Achieve Your Vision and Financial Success (B0318)


WesleyWood is the founder, president and CEO of Wood Financial Group, LLC, a local, independent financial services company located in Hendersonville, TN. A graduate of the University of Mississippi, Wesley received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He holds series 6, 7, 63 & 65 licenses and is licensed in multiple states.


Wesley and his dedicated team are passionate about guiding families and individuals in achieving their vision of financial success. Using an integrated, holistic approach, he prides himself on understanding his clients’ needs and developing a customized, innovative strategy that helps chart a path toward a secure financial future. His area of expertise includes retirement planning, wealth management, tax savings strategies and tax management, estate planning and preservation, annuities and life insurance, long term care and 401K and IRA rollovers.


Wesley takes his role as trusted advisor very seriously, only utilizing strategies and techniques that have stood the test of multiple market cycles. He believes that great things are accomplished through sound partnerships built on trust and integrity and he works hard to exemplify these values in everything he does, both professionally and personally. Service and personal attention are the defining qualities that set him apart from others.


Peter Mehit - The Three Times You Need a Business Plan (A2318)

274340e.jpgPeter Mehit is the COO of Custom Business Planning and Solutions. Today, he will discuss the most important times to have a business plan. 

Questions Answered: 

1) What are the three times you need a business plan?
2) Why is it important to focus on your exit early?
3) What can people do if they are nearing the time they want to get out of their business and they haven't planned? 

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Dr. Jerry Kornfeld - How to Combat Heart Disease (A2218)


For many years the American Heart Association and the medical profession has been addressing this issue and deaths from Heart Attacks is decreasing, but it still is our number one killer and Dr. Jerry's mission is to try and get your help to change the statistic. 


Questions Asked: 

1. Why do you think it is still our number one killer?

2. What exactly is a heart attack?

3. What are the risk factors for a heart attack and what is the metabolic syndrome?

4. Some recent information that cholesterol is really not the problem. What is the good and what is the bad cholesterol?

5. I have heard a lot about Red Meat, is it really aproblem?

Contact Info: 

Website: www.askdoctorjerry.com

Email: kjbkorn@aol.com



Tawnya Gilreath - 7 Steps to More Money from the Sale of Your Business (A3018)

Tawnya Gilreath of LA Business Pros shares valuable tips and ideas for getting your business in shape and getting it sold. Be sure and listen to this full 20-minute interview carefully as there are valuable lessons for business owners regarding managing and communication their expectations, working closely with their Business Sale professionals and making a true effort to get the business ready for sale. 

Steve Van Valin - Shaping a Culture that is Engaged to Innovate (A1818)


Steve Van Valin is the CEO of Culturology, a company whose mission is to shape a culture that is engaged to innovate. 

Questions discussed:
1. What do the best in class organizations do to promote innovation?
2. What is the hardest thing to overcome?
3. What is the most important thing a leader can do to become a catalyst of innovation?

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Stephen Lynch - Strategic Planning for Small Businesses (A1918)

Stephen Lynch is the Chief Operating Officer of RESULTS.com. He is a “Kiwi” (New Zealander) living in San Francisco. He is responsible for researching and developing the strategic planning and business management practices that are incorporated into the RESULTS.com management dashboard software. Stephen is the author of the award-winning book: Business Execution for RESULTS -a practical guide for leaders of small to mid sized firms. His book was judged Winner in the "Management" category of the USA’s 2014 Small Business Book Awards. He has had articles published in The Economist, and has personally consulted with the leadership teams of hundreds of client firms around the world, and writes a weekly email newsletter that has over 40,000 business leader subscribers around the globe. RESULTS.com are a growth firm with offices in the USA and New Zealand. The methodology they teach clients is the exact same methodology they use to run their own business.

Questions discussed:
1. What are some of the biggest challenges or mistakes you see in the area of strategic planning for SMB's?
2. Many companies seem to struggle in terms of figuring out the right things to measure as far as key performance indicators, do you have any insights you can share?
3. We all know the importance of goal setting. What are some of the best practices you have observed in how companies can set and achieve goals more effectively?

Contact info:

Website: www.results.com

Vaughn Sigmon - Spend More Time Working On Your Business - Not In Your Business (A1418)

TAB is a Peer Advisory Board that brings small groups of business owners together to discuss their most pressing challenges and in turn offer each other advice on how to overcome those challenges.
Questions Answered: 

1. What are Peer Advisory Boards?
2. How do Peer Advisory Boards help business owners?
3. What are the most common challenges business owners face?
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Joseph Nazarian - Personal Injury - Your best Offense is a Great Defense


Joseph Nazarian of the Nazarian Law Firm shares his experience and great tips regarding how to prepare for, and defend against, matters involving personal injury.

Julie Ryan - Data Privacy and Security Simplified (A0118)

Julie Ryan is the president of Isaturn, Inc., a company invested in data privacy and security. Today, Julie will tell listeners how to easily and inexpensively protect themselves, their companies, their employees, and their clients from data breaches, and what to do in the event of one. 

Questions Asked: 
1) Do data breaches really happen to small and mid sized companies? 
2) What can executives and companies do to protect themselves? 
3) What can I personally do to protect myself and my family? 
Contact Info: 
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T. Phillip Boggess - Combining Financial and Legal Strategies For a Comprehensive Plan (A0318)

T. Phillip Boggess of TPB Financial discusses how financial and legal strategies work together for individuals, especially business owners.

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Dean Roberts - Retraining Yourself After Retiring (A0518)


Dean Roberts retired from his business in his mid 50's and has learned a thing or two since then. He talks about his book "I'll Fix My Head Before I'm Dead" (available on Amazon and Kindle) and answers questions such as:

Questions Answered

1. What do you see as the most important thing someone can do to continuously improve their life?

2. What books had the greatest effect on your  life?

3. What are your favorite quotes?

Contact info:

Email: dean@restlesstrader.com




You Only Have Once Chance to Sell Your Business - Stephen Goldberg (J1617)

Louis Tucci interviews Stephen Goldberg of Sun Mergers and Acquisitions regarding factors that will help you maximize the sale price of your business.



Want more control of your business growth? Invest 15 minutes and get a FREE "Value Builder Road Map" at www.BizGrowth123.com

Larry Venable - How to Hire and Motivate Sales Superstars (A2818)

1d65366.jpgLarry is in the business of helping sales people and business owners grow their revenues. He wants to share with you some ideas on "How to Hire and Motivate Sales Superstars."

Questions Answered: 

1. What percentage of sales people in the field today are successful?
2. Where would a business owner or sales manager find quality sales people? What are the 3. steps a business owner should take to bring in top talent?

Contact Info: 


Morrie Shechtman - Eliminating Mediocrity (A2618)

1c59d55.jpgMorrie Shechtman is a Chairman at Fifth Wave Leadership, a Human Capital Consulting Group. Today, he will discuss how to eliminate mediocrity for your company.

Questions Answered: 

1) What's the only competitive advantage left? 
2) Why do most leaders & their companies underachieve? 
3) Why are there no "business problems"?

Contact Info: 


Wendy Watkins - Where is Your Joy?


Wendy Watkins, of Mind Body & Business with Wendy Watkins, discusses the importance of finding what gives you joy so you live a fulfilling life.

Janna Hoiberg - What Makes Innovation Hard in a Family Business? (A2918)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQDAAAAJGY0ZDE1ZTllLTM2ZTQtJanna Hoiberg is a well-known author, speaker and award winning Executive and Leadership Business Coach with over 30 years experience in managing and operating successful businesses. She has helped businesses with needs varying from increasing profits, improving systems, strengthen teams and executive leadership, and fiscal growth. Janna is in the business of helping people “change the way they think about business!”

Find her book at her website and on Amazon - The Family Business: How to Be in Business with People You love - Without Hating Them.

Questions Discussed:

1) What makes Innovation hard in a family business?
2) How is accountability different in the family business?
3) When should family start the succession planning?

Contact Info:

Molly Grubb - Start today for success tomorrow


Molly Grubb, Founder of Grubb Wealth Management, discusses how you can work on your business to create a dynasty and prepare for a successful sale or transition.

Rich Cocuzzo - 2019 is here - is your Sales Team ready to win?


Rich Cocuzzo, Founder & President of Sales Velocity Advisors, explains the elements of a successful sales team and clarifies why a Sales Manager is the most important member of the Sales Team.

Lauren Mullee - Family Law and Marvin Actions


Lauren Mullee, Partner with The Buncher Law Corporation, discusses the implications of Marvin Actions and Family Law tips.

Financial & Operational Preparation Prior To Sale - Terry Shope (A0217)

In this 20 minute interview, Terry Shope, Principal - MPL Consulting,Inc. discusses several ideas and strategies for Business Owners who are starting to think about their future sale. This interview has many tips that you can put into play right away!

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Don Phin - The Inspired Workforce


Don Phin is an attorney and VP at ThinkHR. ThinkHR offers online HR tools, live help and training to more than 70,000 small and medium sized businesses nationwide. Don is going to talk about The Inspired Workforce.

Questions Asked: 
1) What is the first thing you want business owners to know about HR?
2) How can we hire great employees?
3) What should employers do to make sure they have their compliance act together?
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Jim Muehlhausen - Your Best Solution may be to “Half-Retire”


Jim Muehlhausen of Half-Retire explains the dilemma that most business owners go through and how to keep your business income but ditch the stress via a strategy called Half-Retire.

Get a free Blueprint at http://go.halfretire.com/blueprint

George Smart - Unraveling Family Knots: Preparing Future Roles in Family Businesses (L2317)

George Smart of Strategic Development, Inc. discusses family business issues

Questions discussed:

a. You'd think that passing a business to a son or daughter would be easy. After all, there's no interview. But

it's not that easy, is it?

b. Why do family CEO's find succession so difficult?

c. What's the first step to make this easier, to clear away some of the very strong emotions people have about

their children, and vice versa?

Contact info:

Email Address gsmart@strategicdevelopment.com

Website www.strategicdevelopment.com

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Toby Needleman - Keys to Audacious Aging (L3017)

Toby is a Positive Psychologist and a Life Success Coach with almost 4 decades of experience in helping

clients unlock their true potential, and live lives with purpose, passion and meaning. Today Toby's topic is the

Keys to Audacious Aging ... Growing younger and making the rest of your life, the best of your life!

Questions discussed:

1) Where would I begin

2) I'm wondering what's next for me?

3) What is Audacious Aging and how can we begin to alter the course of our future?

4) What's a simple practice I can use today to improve my health and longevity?

Contact info:


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