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Scott Hunter - Unshackled Leadership

March 25, 2021









Scott Hunter, President of Unshackled Leadership, helps leaders reach a mindset of success and helps improve communication within the workplace. Originally starting as an engineer studying law, eventually Scott was working as an IP lawyer but couldn’t keep a secretary and lost his wife. He knew something had to change, so he became devoted to learning all he possibly could about improving his communication and life skills. In an effort to turn full-time learning into a viable career, he founded his coaching company, Unshackled Leadership. 

In his interview, Scott shares extremely valuable tips for more effective communication. When communicating, we all want to be acknowledged, appreciated, heard, and known, so the most important component of effective communication is being an empowering listener. Scott talks about the importance of turning off your own internal voice, and giving people your undivided attention. To Scott, success is based on having a group of happy, excited people working towards a clear, common vision they’ve all committed to. Scott’s information is vitally important to helping improve your own attitude, as well as employees’ perception of their workplace.

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