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Christina Haxton - Are You Facing Burnout?

January 12, 2021

Haxton_Christina_bag4x.pngFounder and CEO of Sustainable Leadership, Inc., Christina Haxton is an expert at helping others transform stress into increased engagement. Christina is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and in her clinical time, her clients tended to be extremely burnt out business executives. She began her business after realizing she wanted to help more than just one person at a time. Christina has guided countless people toward better lives, both at work and home, by sharing this important information. 

Many of the clients Christina was seeing were coming to her after a wake up call from a doctor or loved one. Her new goal is to prevent people from reaching the point of desperation, and instead educating about proactive measures that prevent burnout. Many business leaders have become distant from their colleagues, but connection is essential to managing stress. Christina shares 5 common warning signs of burnout and some changes you can make to help your team and yourself manage stress more effectively. Companies with a more cohesive and connected culture become more valuable, so don’t miss out on Christina’s beneficial information.