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Stephan Liozu - Intentional Pricing Strategies

April 11, 2021









Stephan Liozu, Founder and Disruptor at Value Innoruption Advisors, is a designer of disruptive and innovative value and pricing strategies. With over 25 years in business, he noticed that people very easily get stuck in their comfortable, existing models, but leaders should constantly be innovating. Stephan defines disruption as learning to do things differently. Comfortability may be your enemy, and a bit of innovation can go a long way towards improving your bottom line.

 In his interview, Stephan discusses common misconceptions in the field of pricing. While many business owners determine price based on cost, few base their pricing on the value brought to the customer. Stephan suggests moving from a reactive pricing approach, to a proactive pricing approach. Start catching more value in your market by working at the intersection of innovation and disruption, listen to Stephan’s expertise to learn how.

1-minute Sections:

  • 6:27-7:35: Disruption and transformation, talking about unintentional approaches to pricing
  • 9:09-10:20: Misconceptions in the field of pricing - cost-based vs. value-based
  • 14:13-15:13: “Pricing Counsel” - establish a group dedicated exclusively to pricing, meet once a month