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Brad Davidson - The Limitless Executive (F2817)

May 15, 2020

DavidsonBradbjm2r.pngBrad Davidson, VP of Metabolism and Performance Research at Stark, has an understatedly important job. He works with a group of highly-trained specialists to help rejuvenate high performing people, let them move more freely, look better, and have limitless energy. Energy is a leader's greatest asset and Brad’s expertise is in teaching executives which lifestyle choices they make that are limiting them from reaching their full potential. Even if you think you’re performing at your highest potential, chances are you can still improve, and Brad’s knowledge is invaluable. 

In his interview, Brad explains why people who are experts at recovery are the most successful, and why dedicated downtime helps increase productivity. He also analyzes different kinds of stress and how to avoid unnecessary stress with simple changes to lifestyle choices. Identifying good sleep habits and being nourished as the most important factors in living with limitless energy, Brad takes the time to share some tips for achieving both. Your life will completely change when you learn that exercise and nutrition are not punishments, but actually incredible rewards that give you power.

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