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Bill Crawford - Life from the Top of the Mind (B1418)

January 18, 2021

Settle in for a fascinating conversation with 2019 Vistage Speaker of the year Dr. Bill Crawford. Bill is a licensed psychologist, author of 4 books, and has created over 3,300 presentations for Sprint, Shell, The American Medical Association, and many more esteemed organizations. While we are over-saturated with information, Bill realized early on that we are not necessarily sure of what to do with it. After taking a class on the biological basis of behavior, Bill came up with a tried and true system for taking advantage of the way our brains work in order to think at a higher level.

Reactions are due to the way we process information, and Bill shares why thinking in different parts of the brain causes different responses. By training our brain to think in the neocortex, our decision making process becomes more advanced and clear. Bill sheds light on what can happen when we try to see other people as allies instead of adversaries. While it may seem exhausting to aim for high level thinking all the time, Bill discusses why this process can actually be chemically energizing. Treat yourself to Bill’s exceptionally useful information.