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Michelle Tillis Lederman - How Relationships Drive Business Growth

September 5, 2020

Michelle Tillis Lederman, CEO and Founder of Executive Essentials, is a Communications and Likeability expert. Formerly managing business loan allocations, Michelle realized that most business owners don’t understand the value of likeability, and wanted to explain how they could leverage their relationships to help business growth instead. This led her to start Executive Essentials, where she creates custom programs, uniquely tailored to each business, geared to aid in growth. Michelle has seen firsthand the value of likeability and how it directly correlates to the bottom line.

In her interview, Michelle explains why likeability and cultivating meaningful relationships are so valuable. People will pay a premium to do business with someone they like, over cheaper or better services. She highlights the importance of authenticity, and the notion that everything you do in business must be from an authentic place. In addition to sharing a few laws of likeability, Michelle also offers some tips on asking better questions that lead to more fruitful responses. Being liked and being respected are not mutually exclusive, Michelle’s information will help you achieve both and drive up business growth.

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