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Joe Bertotto -Building Enduring Significance through Your Strengths

March 21, 2021

BertottoJoe6ha7i.pngJoe Bertotto of CU Services, LLC, is a consultant who helps develop high care, high performance, and high accountability cultures in the workplace. Joe’s work in this field began 25 years ago and his expertise is in leadership and culture development. His goal is to help leaders create a work environment where employees feel they get to come to work, instead of feeling they have to come to work. While everyone has their own unique strengths, we all can be exceptionally bad at identifying what they are. 

Joe shares valuable insight on metrics for measuring strengths and weaknesses, as well as how this knowledge can be used to benefit the company and employees. He also explores the idea that individual well-roundedness may not be as important as we make it out to be. While weaknesses can’t be ignored, cultivating unique strengths can be potentially more fruitful. Joe’s tried and true process of helping coworkers understand, tolerate, appreciate, and eventually leverage one another is indispensable information for anyone who hopes to be a stronger team member.