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Mary Anne Kochut - Power vs. Perception (A1618)

April 22, 2021

Kochut_Mary_79gar.pngMary Anne Kochut, of Champions For Success, LLC., is an author, motivational speaker, coach, adjunct professor, and management development professional. She specializes in the areas of leadership, communications, executive coaching, change management, and career transition and is also skilled in group dynamics, consultation, and facilitation. After a lengthy stay in the corporate world, she eventually became a “reluctant entrepreneur” and went on her own, rather than continue fitting into someone else's mold. Mary Anne’s passion is inspiring others to be productive and live the life they truly want to, evident in her book “Power vs. Perception: Ten Characteristics of Self-empowerment for Women.”

Mary Anne always encourages the people she coaches to be unstoppable. In her interview, she talks about the limitations we put on ourselves and how they stop us from attaining the success we desire. Mary Anne talks about inherent drives present in everyone, and how understanding these can help reveal your passions. She discusses some of her tried and true methods for reshaping people’s perceptions regarding what they may have previously considered to be impossible. Mary Anne’s inspiring conversation is useful to anyone hoping to shift their perspective and make the impossible possible.