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Dr. David Leonardi - The Technology of Aging and the Prevention of Age-Related Diseases (D0218)

December 23, 2020


Dr. David Leonardi of the Leonardi Institute in Lakewood, CO, talks about the current state of medical technology and how it is helping us live longer, healthier lives. Originally working as an emergency physician, he quickly realized that many of his most catastrophic cases could’ve been prevented by early action. Dr. Leonardi eventually shifted his focus to preventative medicine in order to help people avoid major, vitality-lowering health events. At the Leonardi Institute, his patients can invest one day into improving the quality of the rest of their life. 

In his interview, Dr. Leonardi shares critical information regarding longevity, vitality, and maintaining a zest for life. He talks a bit about his hand-tailored process for creating nutrition plans for his patients, and also discusses some lifestyle tips you can use now. He also scientifically breaks down diet and disease causes, helping you make more informed choices about how you eat. Whether you want to be able to run your business for longer, or simply enjoy retirement with a cleaner bill of health, Dr. Leonardi’s expertise concerning wellness should not be missed.

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