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Bill Ross - The Fitness Puzzle

July 11, 2020


Bill Ross is a Vistage Speaker, Personal Trainer and Founder of Major League Conditioning Centers (now called Bill Ross Fitness Solutions), author of “The Fitness Puzzle,” and avid fan of hamburgers. He was one of the first strength and conditioning trainers for Major League Baseball players and knows how to get results. Bill’s personal training center focuses on individual attention and education. Bill was ahead of the curve on utilizing 30 minute workouts, and has plenty more cutting edge philosophies on nutrition, habits, and exercise to improve your fitness and well-being. 

In his interview, Bill describes his tested theories on what he calls “The Fitness Puzzle.” While we have been conditioned to think of calories as the key player in fitness, there are actually many other factors involved which must remain in balance with one another. Bill explains what happens to our bodies when we exercise and why 30 minutes is the ideal amount of time. He also dispels some myths about caloric intake and explains the science of how our bodies metabolize energy. Bill shares the key to proper health and why it's more important to control how we eat rather than what we eat. With Bill’s advice, you will have the tools to unlock a lasting happy, healthy, and successful lifestyle.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:42-5:02: The truth about exercise and what it does to your body.
  • 6:09-7:17: Dispelling myths about calorie intake and their role in metabolism. 
  • 10:16-11:28: Weight regulation is not about what you eat, but how you eat.
  • 17:32-18:35: The role of enzymes in digestion, and how processed foods impact this system.

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