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Julie Anderson - Your Best Mind

May 12, 2021


Vistage Speaker Julie Anderson of Your Best Mind helps inspire positive changes in her clients by using a scientific approach. After studying psychoneuroimmunology, she created Your Best Mind as a medium to bring this mind-improving information to people of any background. Her work focuses on the science behind the psychology of why we are the way we are. By understanding our brain’s natural tendencies, we can use better practice when communicating. 

Julie discusses the notion that we all have different brain personalities and how this can contribute to misunderstandings in the workplace. She urges business owners to look within before identifying problems with the group as a whole. A vast majority of employees don’t feel they are a part of their company. Communication tailored to brain personality may help in succession planning as employees will feel more connected and more likely to stick around. This information is something that could make or break your company over the course of years, don’t miss out on Julie’s interview.