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Barry Moniak - Begin With The End in Mind

April 10, 2021


Barry Moniak, Vistage Speaker and Organizational Therapist at End in Mind, helps leaders build synergistic, independent teams and systems. Barry’s specialty is helping business leaders break free from the day-to-day and keep their focus on the end goal. His method for achieving this, is to help construct a business model which can run without the leader constantly needing to keep their hands on the wheel, allowing them to build an identity beyond the workplace and more fruitfully retire. By assembling the right team, the results can be far greater and more profitable than individual efforts could be on their own. 

In his interview, Barry dives deep on the value of creating a culture of synergy. When done correctly, the sum of the whole can be far greater than its parts. Barry also talks about how exit planning should be viewed like flipping a house - you are aiming to build the best house on the block. By gradually letting go of the wheel and testing the systems you’ve built, you can ensure your company can keep running without you there and thus be more valuable to potential buyers. This information can help not only your business, but also everything about your well-being in life, you don’t want to miss Barry’s expertise.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:39-4:38: Drawing analogies to business using the example of someone preparing for a backpacking trip, as well as pilots.
  • 7:29-8:23: Discusses common business goals and “what would it take to make that reality happen?”
  • 14:03-15:16: “Corporate structure, in a way, stole the heart and sole of humanity...” and Barry also redefines business.
  • 18:54-20:15: Synergy, the sum being greater than its parts, and an analogy to basketball.

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