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Dr Paul Schempp - The Expert of Experts

July 15, 2021


Dr. Paul Schempp is a Professor at the University of Georgia. He is a research professor who studies experts and the development of expertise. Dr. Schempp has identified that a common characteristic among experts is having good mentorship. He has studied hundreds of experts and authored the book "5 Steps to Expert: How to Go from Business Novice to Elite Performer." 

In his interview, Dr. Schempp dives deep on the value of mentorship, especially for those nearing their business exit. Mentoring a protege can help pass your values onto the next generation, and meanwhile, proteges seeking expertise will greatly benefit from having a mentor - the relationship is symbiotic. For our listeners who may hope to one day begin an expertise-based practice, Dr. Schempp also shares some tips to help you achieve elite performance levels. We all have the ability to achieve mastery, and guidance is essential in that journey, so don’t miss Dr. Schempp’s advice on attaining the level of success you desire.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:23-6:18: Informal relationships between mentors and proteges can be most effective.
  • 10:52-12:00: Tips for identifying good proteges and transferring your values to the next generation.
  • 15:02-15:58: The greatest experts are not necessarily the greatest mentors.
  • 18:45-19:42: Speaking about "5 Steps to Expert: How to Go from Business Novice to Elite Performer"