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Andrew Ballard - Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

May 12, 2020


Andrew Ballard, Vistage Speaker and owner of Marketing Solutions, joins us with strategies for growing your business. He has held every position in the marketing food chain, from sales rep to CEO, and been running his own company for the last 18 years. Marketing Solutions uses research based growth strategies to build value in companies before they transfer ownership. By looking at the entire enterprise from the outside, the specialists at Marketing Strategies can be more objective than someone absorbed in the day-to-day operations.

In his interview, Andrew talks about the importance of a business having a North star, as well as how to follow it. He also hammers home the idea that the owner’s opinion doesn’t matter, it is the customer’s opinion that does. Andrew makes himself valuable by helping businesses drive up their value before succession. Listen for multitudes of strategic, fact-based knowledge and a special offer on his book, “Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter.”

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