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Jillian Murphy - How A Shipwreck Teaches us a Lesson on Leadership

November 30, 2022


An excerpt from my interview with Jillian Murphy of the Syncretics Group


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Bill: This is Bill Black, the Exit Coach. What can we learn about leadership from a shipwreck? Listen to this excerpt from my interview with Jillian Murphy from the Syncretics Group as she explains. 

Jillian: I think, as leaders, we have this tendency to be so fixated on the large goal, that big audacious goal, that we often forget to set up short-term goals to keep teams engaged and energized and to be really clear about what the steps are that will get everyone to their final destination. So, in the case of Shackleton, when their ship was crushed, he made a clear plan. He told them they were going to march for open water, he told them they were going to travel light. Everyone knew the plan, and it was constantly changing, which is normal for today's business climate, as well, but the fact that everyone knew what those steps for, both the long-term and the short-term, was tremendously helpful. 

Bill: And I like the fact that you said that's vision and victories, plural, right? It's the victories along the way toward the vision. 


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