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Dierdre Maloney - Building Bliss (G2017)

September 23, 2020

Screen_Shot_2020-05-26_at_42521_PM_8u0bn.pngDierdre Maloney, President of Momentum, LLC., is a “bliss-builder” who helps people live a more authentically happy and successful life. She has a storied background and is also a published author and national speaker. Dierdre’s approach is largely based on what she calls mildly audacious leadership, and she shares leadership lessons that people don’t usually talk about. She knows from experience that being a leader can get lonely, and it is important to develop ways to thrive in all aspects of life. 

In her interview, Dierdre discusses the necessity of authenticity. Authentic living means more easily connecting with others, being very comfortable with yourself, and being aware of your own limitations. Dierdre speaks of the importance of having a trusted circle of people for meaningful feedback, and also identifying leaders you admire to model yourself after their example. Striving to be someone that others aim to model themselves after can help you and your business thrive. Listen to Dierdre’s expertise to jump start your well-being.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:56-4:51: Be willing to be who you are and say what others won’t say, it is refreshing to others.
  • 6:22-7:12: The correlation between living authentically and success. 
  • 14:19-15:19: Talks about the importance of making sure employees feel heard in a company.

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