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Marty Jacknis - Opportunity Blindness

March 6, 2021

Marty Jacknis, President of Opportunity Maximizers, Inc., is a highly rated professional speaker, author, entrepreneur, and trainer who helps individuals and organizations gain and maintain a competitive advantage in their chosen markets and endeavors. He’s previously worked for companies like IBM and has worked among the top business leaders in the world. Marty’s life was changed when he realized he needed to figure out why what he was doing was working, and he became proactively introspective. Marty has experienced first-hand the value of identifying and seizing opportunities. 

In his interview, Marty talks about self-limiting belief systems and how often you can do things just because you didn’t know they couldn’t be done. Marty also mentions a few ways to find new opportunities right away. Looking at the whole picture, rather than just one department, is also essential according to Marty. He shares various tried and true methods for improving negotiation and collaboration. The minute we slow down, our competition will catch us, listen to Marty’s interview for ways to constantly innovate and take advantage of new opportunities.


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