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AmyK Hutchens - What One Question Should Your Entire Organization Be Able To Answer?

May 15, 2022

Hutchins_Amy_934mi.pngAmyK Hutchens, of AmyK International, specializes in teaching critical thinking for better performance, productivity and profitability. Previously working as an executive around the globe,  she has seen countless people identifying problems, but not devising any solutions to them. This led AmyK to eventually start her own business using her passion of solving problems and igniting brilliance in leadership. She works with companies by constructing custom think tanks that are aimed to help improve business performance all around. 

One of the first things AmyK will often ask her clients is “What would be your ROI if everyone in your company was thinking a bit better tomorrow?” In her interview, she explores this question from various angles and relates it to goal achievement. By breaking down the thought processes behind our behaviors, we can change both our behavior and results. AmyK stresses the importance of clearly defining the target before setting out on the hunt. She offers some tips for better understanding our customers' thought processes, finding the best prospects, and ways to improve the quality of meetings. AmyK’s knowledge is invaluable to any business owner hoping to get the most out of their time and efforts.